Wendekreisen Campervan Rentals New Zealand

Wendekreisen Campervan Rentals New Zealand

A Memorable trip with Wendekreisen Campervans and Motorhomes

Select from an extensive array of high-quality New Zealand campervan hire range from Wendekreisen Travel. The superb vehicles range from the smaller hitop campervans to deluxe 4 - 6 berth motorhomes. Get great value for your money across the entire range devoid of any hidden costs. All the vehicles are fully equipped with cutlery, crockery, linen and appliances for your convenience. Kick off a memorable trip with any of the campervans or motorhomes from Wendekreisen Travel.

Kindly view the total range of vehicles for your New Zealand campervan rental requirements. As soon as you have decided on a motorhome or campervan you can book the vehicle online. Permit the reservations team to process your booking based on the availability from the depot.

Look forward to flawless service which includes free airport transfers and ensuring that you comprehend the motorhome or campervan you have opted for prior to leaving the premises. Wendekreisen's primary aim is to provide a hassle-free campervan holiday experience when you travel on your own around our beautiful country. Anticipate 24x7 on-road assistance for a stress-free getaway.

Check out the amazing fleet and prices for a budget or luxury Campervan rental holiday in New Zealand. Wendekreisen guarantees good value for money for an economical yet memorable New Zealand holiday.

Koru 2 Berth

Based on the amazing Volkswagen T5, Koru 2 Berth offers a comfy yet cost-effective option for a 2 berth campervan rental. Take a trip in this lovely model with three front seats, 3-point seatbelts in addition to headrests. This vehicle has provisions for safe seating for 2 adults in addition to infant children.

Experienced camper manufacturing is fused with high-quality German engineering and is evident in the 'L' shape kitchen layout in addition to the common setup of the rear bed. The upper bed is appropriate for a child up to 14 years or can be used for extra storage, with a safety net in place.

Take a trip in this classy and all-inclusive hitop campervan for an unforgettable experience. Drive around New Zealand at a reasonable cost due to the 85KW engine with fuel consumption of 11l/100km. Take a trip in this certified self contained vehicle for the ultimate holiday experience.

Koru Star 2 Berth ST

Discover the scenic wonders of New Zealand in the latest Koru Star 2 Berth ST campervan. The 2-berth ST campervans include a small shower in addition to porta potti cassette toilet. The Koru Star 2 berth ST is based on the plan of the famed Koru ST 2 berth campervan but incorporates a wider double bed. This vehicle provides comfort and variety at economical rates due to its compact & unique layout. The dining area is sited in the rear of the vehicle and effortlessly converts into a snug double bed.

Features of the Koru Star 2 Berth ST include a sink along with hot & cold running water and a gas stove. Added exciting features include a power saving 12 Volt fridge along with a dual battery system, grey water tanks & fresh water. A self containment certificate guarantees the ultimate liberty to camp up to 48 hours in out-of-the-way places in New Zealand's beautiful National Parks.

This certified self contained & modern 2 berth campervan is equipped with all the provisions at reasonable rates and is a wonderful alternative for a thrilling New Zealand Holiday.

Wendekreisen Koru 2ST XL

The Wendekreisen Koru 2ST XL is perfectly suited for freedom camping and offers a better version 2 berth campervan with shower and toilet. This vehicle features LPG gas, central heating, a roomy & well maintained interior as well as sufficient space to accommodate 2 adults and 1 child.

The Koru 2ST XL is enormously efficient and its powerful turbo diesel engine permits you to take a trip around our precipitous terrain at low cost. A small bunk bed along with a huge double bed and a third seat belt in the rear provides adequate room for 2 adults and 1 child. Stay warm in this vehicle regardless of the season due to the on-board heating system devoid of the need to attach to mains power. The vehicle's self containment certificate permits you to enjoy the liberty of freedom camping in numerous places throughout New Zealand.

Koru 2 Berth ST

Koru 2 Berth ST's snug layout and effortless driving makes it a popular campervan option for your trip around New Zealand. Added features include a small shower as well as porta potti cassette toilet. The Koru 2ST campervan is quite popular, compact yet exceptional in its ability to provide variety at a reasonable price.

Features of this vehicle also include sink, hot & cold running water and a gas stove along with a power saving 12 Volt fridge and dual battery system. Enjoy the pleasures of freedom camping up to 48 hours in remote spots with the self containment certificate of this vehicle. This vehicle is an apt alternative if you are a budget traveller.

Select from the amazing array of Budget Campervans & Motorhomes for a treasured holiday around our exquisite country.

Wendekreisen Budget 2-Berth

The Wendekreisen Budget 2-Berth provides amazing amenities you can expect in a 2 berth campervan rental. At an amazingly low cost, this unit is quite credible due to its comfortable layout, neatness and trouble-free handling on the road. Due to the current upgrade of the fleet, all the budget 2 berth vehicles are at present 2004 model or newer.

This vehicle offers extraordinary amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, a huge comfortable bed with linen in addition to sufficient storage for two people. Select this vehicle and benefit from fantastic features at a reasonable cost. Stay in breathtaking yet far-flung places owing to the self containment certificate.

Budget 2+1 Premium Campervan

The Budget 2+1 Premium Campervan is a newer range vehicle within the impressive 2+1 berth category and is an idyllic campervan rental option for a couple or small family. With two big beds, the Budget 2+1 Premium ensures an economical way of sleeping in comfort and preparing a serving of food for up to 3 adults.

The Wendekreisen budget 2+1 premium berth campervan features a compact layout along with a one way fridge, on board cold running water, gas cooking facilities and lots of storage space. The table in the rear and seating convert to a snug double bed while a single bed is positioned above the campervan`s main bed.

Avail great features at economical rates in the 3 berth campervan hire New Zealand unit. Enjoy the pleasures of independent travel and accomplish your lifelong dream of leisurely exploring New Zealand's varied countryside, people and distinctive culture.

Budget 4 Berth

The Budget 4 Berth is an impressive, fully self contained as well as reasonably low-priced New Zealand motorhome rental. The Wendekreisen budget 4 berth offers amazing amenities such as shower and toilet facilities, LPG gas heating, hot & cold running water, a dual power fridge in addition to gas cooking facilities with a microwave.

Select this motorhome if you desire independence and wish to savour the comforts of restful living in addition to sleeping space for up to 4 adults. The expedient walkthrough from the driver's cabin in the direction of the living area permits easy access to the rear of the vehicle. Look forward to panoramic views of New Zealand from the large rear windows.

The 4 berth self contained Budget motorhome provides the perfect way to explore the scenic delights of New Zealand if you yearn for a little bit of additional space at low rates.

Wendekreisen Travel specialises in providing value for money. Select from the impressive array of hitop 2 berth Campervans or 4 - 6 berth Motorhomes as per your requirement. Opt for a reliable vehicle at the correct price to ensure that you enjoy the scenic splendours of New Zealand in a secure and relaxing way.
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