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Reasons Why You Should Take a Campervan Holiday to Queenstown

Nestled against Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by mountains, Queenstown is one of the most scenic places on the south island. Mainly an activity based location, it is also known for its nightlife, pub and restaurant scene. The nearby precinct of Arrowhead balances the city out with history, peace and quietness.

You Won't Be Bored

This town is pulsing with adrenaline. There are more sports and activities to get your blood pumping than you can imagine.

  • Bungee Jump: Visit the first commercial bungee jump ever established and leap off from the intimidating Kawarau Bridge. It is one adventure sport that New Zeeland is famous for and there is no better opportunity than to try it where it all began.
  • Cycling: Queenstown offers some interesting options for avid cyclists. Head to Arrowtown and ride by vineyards, lakes, and mountains or go to Macetown and ride through a historic ghost-town, once significant in the gold mining industry. You can take guided cycling tours with the family or just head out on your own for more of a challenge.
  • Fishing and Fly Fishing: OK, maybe not so adrenaline filled but certainly a fun way to enjoy the lake. The area is known for its trout so visitors can try their luck at catching one.
  • Hiking: Treks and walks can be done alone or through a guided group. Not only will you travel amongst the mountains but you will also get to see glaciers as well as old mining towns and huts.
  • Take a Jet Boat Ride: Take a high speed ride over shallow waters, experience 360 degree stunts and relax a little in between. There are a few popular jet boat companies that will take you out for a thrilling ride.
The activities in Queenstown are endless. You can go horseback riding, skydiving, parasailing and mountaineering. Try parapenting, river boarding, zip lining and white water rafting or hit the slopes on a skiing or snowboarding adventure. If action packed pastimes are not your thing, head to one of the spas or take a garden tour in the residential areas if you happen to be visiting during the spring or summer.

The Natural Scenery is Stunning

One of the highlights of renting a campervan in New Zeeland is that you can easily access most of the best natural points. Fifty miles north of Queenstown is Glenorchy and the drive there has been rated one of the top scenic drives in all of the world. Check out The Gibbston Valley wine area, located only 20 minutes from Queenstown and make sure to see the Kawarau Gorge along the way. If you want scenic views from within the city, take the skyline gondola to Bob's Peak and look out over the lake and the mountains in the distance.

The Wine is Fine

New Zealand is known for its wine and with a campervan, you can easily access all of the top districts. Central Otago have become famous for their production of cool wine varieties such as Pinot Noir. There are a few guided tours that you can join which will take visitors to some of the most renowned wineries in the Queenstown area. Indulge in some tastings and make sure to bring back a bottle or two for laid back evenings in the campervan.

The Nearby Road Trips Are Fantastic

Queenstown is an ideal base for road trip destinations both near and far and with a campervan, you have access to them all. Take to the open road and make a journey out of some of these nearby locations.

  • Wanaka: Nature lovers adore this tiny mountain town. It is located on the shore of Lake Wanaka and is a preferred base for the nearby Mount Aspiring National Park. There are adventure sports, museums and the area even has its own local wine estates.
  • Te Anau: Te Anau is another lakeside town that serves as a base for Fiordland National Park. Here you can take a boat ride through the cave systems and see the glowworms at Te Anau-Au Glowworm Caves. Take an astronomy tour while in a rare place with low levels of light pollution or go trekking either on your own or with a guide.
  • Milford Sound: The road leading from Queenstown to the Milford Sound offers one of the most scenic road trips in the entire country. Just the journey to the site will be filled with frequent stops for photographs, waterfalls and short hikes into the mountains. You will experience the optical illusion of the disappearing mountain and get to pass through the infamous Homer Tunnel. Once you reach the Milford Sound, take a kayaking excursion through the water or stick to land and take a nature walk along one of the many trails.
  • Fox Glacier Township: To the west of the south island is glacier country. The scenery continues here when you take the 1 hour and a half walk around the lake or a 11 km ride through a rainforest covered road to black sand beaches. You can even take a guided walking tour onto the Fox Glacier itself while visiting this town. And of course, no place on the south island is complete without ample opportunity for adventure sports. Skydive, white water raft or take a helicopter tour to view the glacier from above.
A campervan holiday in Queenstown is just the beginning of your epic journey through the south island. Without your set of rented wheels, half of the fun, beauty and culture will remain untouched by you and your family. If you want a piece of the cities, the winding mountain range roads and the quaint countryside, contact RentACampervan Holidays Ltd today to learn how you can organize your own adventure beginning in Queenstown.
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