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Why Travel in a Campervan When you are in New Zealand?

Experience the heady mix of fun and adventure on a New Zealand campervan holiday from the beautiful beaches on the Western Coast to the tramping routes within the Southern Islands. Combine your transport and accommodation requirements in a single journey. Make the most of the scenic sights and amazing activities on your campervan hire New Zealand holiday.

About New Zealand
New Zealand is the abode of dense forests, majestic mountains, untamed rivers and waterfalls which make it an idyllic spot for trekking. The stunning landscapes and friendly locals are quite close and you can wake up in a new place with new experiences every day.

Get to know more about the dynamic, distinctive and preserved Maori Culture. Enjoy fun parties with loved ones on Ninety Mile Beach and take a trip to the plentiful national parks in North and South Islands.

RentACampervan - Discover New Zealand Landscapes

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Places to visit: Start your journey in Auckland and take some time to travel around this fabulous destination. See the unique combination of modern art and architecture and know more about the Polynesian culture. Eat the traditional food and have a word with the friendly people of Auckland.

The Scenic North Island: Set off towards the North from Auckland and prepare to be spellbound by the scenic surrounds. Explore the splendid North coast, verdant countryside and set off on treks through forests and mountains. Explore the rich and alive Maori culture!

Coromandel peninsula is a paradise for beach enthusiasts. Savour the succulent seafood in Mercury Bay, stopover at any of the local art galleries and go for a dip and surf on the beach. Bay of plenty is the glorious abode of stunning beaches, juicy fruits and the only active marine volcano. Explore the wonderful beach town of Whitianga and simply chill out in the hot spring pools.

Scintillating South Island: A one-off experience is guaranteed when you hike in the lofty Alps and explore the natural landscapes of South Island. Learn about the fine art, culture and dramatic sceneries of Dunedin city on your self-drive holiday.

Do a bit of research and make a shopping list to stock up on basics before the journey.

Select your ideal campervan and start searching for the best deals. Enjoy your trip!

RentACampervan - Natural Landscapes of South Island

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Why opt for a Campervan?
A campervan is a place to sleep, settle down, cook, eat and enjoy a comfortable yet opulent holiday. Benefit from luxury transport at economical rates. Nature enthusiasts highly recommend campervans to travel across the breathtakingly beautiful terrain.

Pleasures of Freedom camping! The welcoming tourism environment and infrastructure lure countless tourists to New Zealand every year. Select from any of the 500 ‘Freedom Camping” sites either free of cost or at reasonable rates to stay, camp and park your campervan. Ensure that you respect the restrictions though.

Arrange for an activity and snack pack when you are on the road with kids. This will require fewer stops and you can reach your destination faster as well.

One needs to take care while Freedom Camping in New Zealand. Many travellers cause damage to properties as well as leave a lot of waste thrown away in open. This causes a lot of nuisance for other travellers.

Time saving & Economical! A campervan holiday saves time, effort and energy in searching for a good motel to stay or transport and provides privacy with luxury. Simply select a suitable plan depending on your specific travel needs. Find the Best Campervan Rental New Zealand Deals at RentACampervan.

RentACampervan - Cheapa Campa Campervan Rentals in New Zealand

Cheapa Campa Campervan Rentals New Zealand

Before you book, decide on the kind of holiday you want. Determine the distance you plan to travel and over how many nights? How many passengers will be travelling in the vehicle? Do you require an onboard kitchen, shower and toilet? Booster seats might be required if you are taking a trip with children as per New Zealand road regulations.

Lots of Flexibility: Get the freedom & flexibility to travel at your own pace and select your own spot to eat and stay! Find a remote place to park the campervan and enjoy a picnic with your family.

Devoid of the need to pitch a tent at every campsite you can effortlessly cover more ground and fully explore a particular area.

Find the best New Zealand Campervan Rental deals and Book Online.

Check out the complete range of New Zealand Campervan Rentals at: http://www.rentacampervan.co.nz

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