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When comfort takes a toll You must set yourself free and roll!

A holiday means, comfort, luxury, good food, relaxation, and a lot more. Whenever you think of classic New Zealand holidays, you must think of campervans. Now what exactly is a campervan? Campervn or motorhome, have become really popular among vacationers, not only in NZ but in a lot of other places too. Campervan is a ready to go, mobile van that can also serve as your luxurious shelter. Whenever you’re out on a holiday, accommodation and travel takes all your energy. It takes a lot of time to finalize your accommodations and other related things. But when you think of campervans for hire, you will not be required to pay much attention to these trivial things because your motorhome will take care of your stay related worries.

It’s not mandatory for you to be absolutely refined to enjoy Napier but you will surely be amazed with the city’s passion for architecture and fine wine which is astonishingly contagious. Soon enough you’ll be chattering on about the Mayan decoratives, Chicago School, and ‘hints of passion fruit on the palate’ among other things. The Napier city of NZ now-a-days has become a silver lining of the dark grey cloud that was once the worst natural disaster of New Zealand. Reconstructed after the fatal 1931 earthquake, the city looks has hints of both, a traditional as well as modern infrastructure.



For the first-timers it’s a magnetic, sunny, bright and calm city with an air of affluent English shore resort about it. Reason enough for you to spend a few lazy weeks here, in the lap of comfort. Campervans New Zealand, like it has been mentioned before have become a popular way of discovering the places because it allows you to discover places at your own speed. At any point if you feel like staying at a place for more time than usual, you can easily set-up your motorhome and lie down with comfort. When you’re on a motorhome, you don’t have to bother about the night falling to quickly or the morning taking time to show her face. All you need to do is decide whenever you want to call-off your travel for the day and your Campervan New Zealand will be waiting for you to be utilized in the best way possible.

Holidays are meant to provide you with utmost comfort, and campervans just add to that comfort. Located in the North Island, Napier is this Art Deco style city in the Hawke’s Bay. Once you’re here, you would want to stay, eat, enjoy the night life and most importantly shop as well. So it becomes all the more important for you to campervan hire in New Zealand because that will help you disciver the play the way you want to.

Premium Campervan (GW) - Automatic

Premium Campervan (GW) – Automatic

Napier has a lot of places that you would love to visit, like Hawke’s Bay Museum & Art Gallery, National Tobacco Company building, Harstons, National Aquarium of New Zealand, etc. Among other things, you would want to have good food and drink here, in Napier so you can try Café Ujazi, Cabana Bar, and Kilim Café. If you’re tired of roaming around and are looking for a little change, you can park you motorhome at a nice place and head towards the Ocean Spa in Napier that offers beauty spa, gym and health cafe. After a hectic day-out, coming to Ocean Spa for a nice spa would be a treat for you and your loved ones. At SK8 Zone, you would love to indulge in some skating activities because no holiday is complete without adventure.

You won’t find it difficult searching for campervan rentals in New Zealand because it is a popular holiday spot and almost all the vacationers now-a-days prefer campervan over other options. So all you need to do is look for a service provider and get set go. When you have someone like rentacampervan with you, you don’t really have to take the pain of searching door to door for a good holiday spot because we make your search easy and smooth.

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