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What to Wear on a New Zealand Campervan Holiday? | Rent A Campervan Holidays Ltd - New Zealand
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What to Wear on a New Zealand Campervan Holiday?

Well, whenever you head-out on a holiday, you must have handy tips regarding the kind of clothing you should prefer. You can expect to carry anything that you wish to because you must know the weather conditions and other detail before you pack your bags for New Zealand Holidays.

Here is a very elementary ‘what to wear’ guide to help you help you organize motorhome hire New Zealand vacation. With some of the most harsh UV rays in the world, unpredictable alpine conditions, variable seasons and ever changing temperatures throughout the region, NZ is a terrain that experiences extremes. Knowing a little bit of what you can carry on your NZ campervan would be of great help to you.

Now that you know that it is a land of extremes, you must carry all sorts of clothes to cope up with its extremities. After you get down from your Campervan NZ to visit some restaurants, you can simply wear tidy and casual clothing. When it’s about night-clubs, you must follow the dress codes. For beach visits, you must keep your swimming attire handy. When planning to go on adventure trips outside, you must keep a change of clothes and it should include, both dry, cotton and warm clothing.

Premium Campervan (GW) - Automatic

Premium Campervan (GW) – Automatic

Along with that, we’d also suggest some month-specific clothing for you-

For hot weather (November to March)

  • Swimming kit
  • Hat and sunglasses to beat the sun
  • Light coloured cotton clothing
  • Skirts, Bermuda and short pants
  • A good sunscreen to help prevent tan

For cold weather (April – October):

  • Warm woollen wear
  • Rain-coat
  • Gloves that will keep you warm
  • Hats and scarves
  • Long pants to cover your legs and keep them warm
  • Thermal undergarments

Wish you an awesome campervan rental holiday! Happy camping in NZ.

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