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What to do in Hauraki Gulf !

With more than fifteen hundred sq. nautical miles of sailing and the chance to discover a number of islands with protected anchorages and uninhabited beaches, Auckland is one hot spot for vacations. Auckland is a busy South Pacific city with a multicultural lifestyle – and right on its entrance is a bizarre sailing vacation playground, the Hauraki Gulf, with almost seventy six islands, and widely spread shoreline to explore. As soon as you reach Auckland, you can straightaway look for motorhomes rental New Zealand, because this, everyone considers to be the best way for exploring the place.

Yachting in the Hauraki Gulf

With more than 200 protected anchorages, you have all the time in the world to choose a unique stopover every time you wish to pay a visit to this awesome place. Obviously people come here for yachting and all sorts of fun and adventure activities and you could also join the league with your choice of activities. Along with yachting, you could also go for campervan hire as it is one of the most interesting ways of exploring the beautiful Hauraki Gulf. Now there are a lot of things that you can do alongside.

Campervan - Motorhome (DIS)

Campervan – Motorhome (DIS)

When you’re with your family and friends you would surely want to explore NZ the best way possible, and therefore you should not stick to the conventional modes of exploring the destinations. Yacht chartering must be there on your list, but you must also make sure that you add certain less popular but interesting ways of exploration to your list. During the initial days of your vacation, you can go for yachting and during the culmination of your trip you can opt for motorhome for your family or friends. Since it’s going to be your vehicle, you can easily choose the destinations which you would like to cover. You could also choose the places where you would like to eat because that is one way of making sure that you get the best out of your journey. You can stop wherever you wish to, and the best part is that you won’t have to bother about your accommodation and other related troubles because you already have your very own campervan rentals in New Zealand


12 miles off Auckland, and largest of the all the inner islands, Waiheke Island is a nice place to refill supplies and to dine on shore. Just hop on your New-Zealand campervan and spend a few lazy evenings here, in the lap of comfort. On shore, there are country walks. There are Boutique vineyards that will beckon you to unwind and simply sample their wines. For the shopping fanatics there’s a range of local handicrafts, potting, hand weaves, arts and leatherwork. The ports in the southern end of Waiheke and Ponui Island are excitingly fringed by shiny sand beaches and rolling pastures. There are lots of lovely coves to discover and one can also find a choice of docks to roam around in all weathers.

Coromandel Coast

12 miles towards the east, along the Firth of Thames, is located the historic Coromandel Coast and settlement, a fond memory of gold rush history and a bright past. Te Kouma Harbour is a large natural non-coastal harbour. Your campervan rentals in New Zealand will also enable you to have a sneak peak at this nice-little island at your own peace. Your journey becomes more comfortable and luxurious as you start and end it the way you want. Motorhome hire New Zealand offers you the liberty of taking your own good time, and discovering what pleases you the most. In that case you won’t have to go with the pace of the group or any other travel agent. You can always sit back and relax while on your way to exciting destinations.

Motorhome (UNT)

Motorhome (UNT)

Great Barrier Island

50 miles off north east of Auckland, one can find Great Barrier Island that guards the external extremities of the already mentioned Hauraki Gulf. The ‘Barrier’ is a preferred yacht charter spot in itself, and it offers some of the most interesting diving and fishing zones in New Zealand.

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