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Wellington: Travel Around New Zealand’s Capital City With Campervan NZ

Campervan Hire NZ

Campervan Hire NZ

Wellington is an amazing city, situated on New Zealand’s south-western tip, on the North Island. This city is acknowledged as the world’s southernmost capital city and is an isolated city, as well. The ideal way, to travel around New Zealand’s capital city, is with New Zealand Campervan Hire.

Wellington is a preferred tourist destination, as it is the executive, cultural as well as political centre, of the state. It is positioned on a spectacular natural harbor, and is renowned as the second leading urban district within New Zealand. I enjoyed my trip to Wellington as the region is bordered by green, undulating hills. This region is the primary center for the nation’s cultural, historic as well as inventive treasures, which is why it has the finest art galleries, museums, coffee houses and restaurants worldwide.

The city centre is an ideal place to initiate your exploration, so park your Campervan Hire in a suitable location and walk the streets of this spectacular city. I initiated my journeying at Civic Square, which is favorably positioned. The city centre is the ideal place to glimpse a diversity of architectural styles. The best part about this stunning city is that you will enjoy exploring the region as it has pleasant weather, throughout the year.

After sunset, the city becomes animated, and this is the time when the cityscape has an iridescent and dazzling glow. This city also has an unsurpassed cafe culture, lively arts scene, as well as lively nightlife. As darkness covers the city, a whole lot of stylish nightclubs and bars come into view. This is the ideal time, to unwind with a special cocktail made from a glass of wine, produced locally.

The city lifestyle presents an infinite range of activities to join in and you will definitely come across an activity, to enthrall you. Saunter toward the harbor and admire the spectacular views on the harbor walks. This city is a shopper’s delight, and you can enjoy supreme shopping facilities and discover the delightful, unknown gift shops, boutiques as well as artistic cafes. I loved the coastal wind which lets you inhale the fresh, crisp air.

New Zealand Campervan

New Zealand Campervan

A major place of interest in Wellington is the Colonial Cottage Museum, which happens to be the oldest, recognized museum, within New Zealand. A trip to this place will enable you to enjoy the impressive gardens, nearby. The neighboring botanical gardens, are a must visit. In the gardens you will come across conifers, local forest and plant collections as well as shifting seasonal displays. As you trek through the park, you will glimpse spectacular views above Wellington, as you view the natural world, and marvel at the neighboring natural wonders.

With Campervan Hire New Zealand, I could easily explore the adjoining areas of the foremost cities unhurriedly. Ensure that you explore the country’s most spectacular areas, which are near the city centre.

As you explore Wellington, with Campervan Rental New Zealand, you can discover the outdoors, taste dissimilar cooking delights, and observe a dazzling cityscape, which is still indelibly etched in my mind.

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