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Visit the fascinating Central North Island Region with campervan rental New Zealand

To get the most out of your New Zealand Campervan Holiday you have to travel a lot. New Zealand is a small country nevertheless each region offers different experiences. There’s a lot of natural loveliness in New Zealand’s diverse landscapes thus selecting a spot to kick off my holiday was a tough task indeed. If you reach New Zealand through Auckland Airport you can initiate your Campervan Holiday by visiting some of the volcanoes sited in the central North Island.

The North Island is the dwelling of quite a few of these volcanic spots. The Taupo Volcanic Zone is the most industrious area of volcanic activity on the globe. The central North Island region, particularly the volcanoes are a wonderful place to visit during your Campervan Holiday.

Dethleffs Motorhomes

Dethleffs Motorhomes

The famous Lake Taupo is essentially the caldera of an extremely big volcano. During the summer, Lake Taupo is a popular tourist spot in the North Island. Visit this spectacular region with Campervan New Zealand. Skydiving is an extremely popular activity especially for thrill seekers in this area. If you don’t fancy these thrills, there are special events like the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge too.

The central North Island is among the most diverse regions in New Zealand with awe-inspiring surf beaches, ski fields, volcanic plateau, wine regions and geothermal activity.

The Pacific Coast Highway is among New Zealand’s leading self-drive routes, along the East Coast. It includes the Bay of Plenty, the Coromandel Peninsula’s beaches and Eastland towards Hawke’s Bay which is New Zealand’s foremost wine regions.

The Thermal Explorer is a scenic Campervan route. Set out on your hire vehicle across the volcanic highland from Hawke’s Bay. Visit the geothermal parks with sweltering mud pools and geysers, natural hot spring spas and Mt Tarawera where New Zealand’s biggest volcanic eruption had taken place in recent times.

To learn more about the fascinating Maori culture I visited Rotorua which is the abode of the Maori populace.

Dethleffs Camper

Dethleffs Camper

Experience the thrill of black water rafting in the Waitomo area. Here, the land is a maze of caves and limestone passages that can be discovered by water or on foot. As I travelled southwards with my Hire campervan I arrived at the Tongariro Crossing. This is yet another kind of adventure activity that features lava formations, moonscape craters and dazzling lakes.

Turoa and Whakapapa ski fields are trendy mountain destinations during winter with perfect tracks to cater to people of different skill levels. If you visit NZ during the colder months and wish to hit the slopes, Mount Ruapehu is definitely a good option.

Visit Lake Tarawera which is an exquisite place well-known for rainbow trout fishing. I enjoyed a glass of sparkling wine as I steamed my catch in the geothermal-heated sands.

To discover the tranquil beaches, stunning natural beauty and golden sunshine you must opt for Campervan rental in New Zealand. This holiday will definitely be a memorable one regardless of whether you travel with your family, alone or with your partner. Travel around the scenic North Island and glimpse some fascinating volcanoes in New Zealand.

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