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Travel across New Zealand in a Motorhome Hire

Things you should know about Travelling New Zealand in a Motorhome Hire:

Cooking your own meal in the Motorhome will definitely be one of the highlights of your NZ trip!

The sofa seats inside the vehicle will be transformed into a bed at night. Do the cooking and washing in the corridor of the motorhome.

There are 2 waste tanks in the motorhome that you must empty out after every 2-3 days when it’s around 3/4 full to avoid a flooded Motorhome. The first waste tank is for human excretion while the second tank is for what goes into the sink (for instance, the water that goes down the drain when you shower or wash your dishes). Search for deals book your New Zealand Motorhome Hire today.

RentACampervan New Zealand - Star RV Rentals New Zealand

Star RV Rentals New Zealand

There are lots of Campervan Parks with a dump station to get rid of waste. Simply look out for the dump site sign along the roads.

Find a dumpsite and pour out the contents of the waste tank into the sewage hole. Flush out the tank with water then add the magic blue crystals. These crystals take away the unpleasant odour of your waste and colourize it to blue making it look less gross. Get these crystals at petrol stations or supermarkets.

Parking the Motorhome at night:

(Freedom camping): Park your motorhome free of cost at non designated campsites devoid of any facilities. Ensure that your vehicle is adequately charged to last throughout the night and also empty the waste tanks. Find the Best Motorhome Rental Hot Deals available at RentACampervan New Zealand.

RentACampervan New Zealand - Star RV Rentals

Star RV Rentals New Zealand

Staying in Holiday Parks is an awesome experience. Benefit from charging points to charge your motorhome, dump sites to empty out the tanks as well as water points to refill the water container in the vehicle. Common facilities include Laundry services, Shower facilities, Heat pools/hot tubs, Swimming pools and a Mini mart.

The facilities might vary from park to park and there are diverse budgets for each park. It is advisable to avail insurance for the Motorhome so that you can enjoy a stress-free journey.

Travelling New Zealand in a Motorhome is an enjoyable experience and the best way to see the scenic splendours of NZ.

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