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Tips for booking your Campervan Rental in New Zealand

There are lots of exciting things to see and do on a self-drive holiday around NZ.

Tips for booking your Campervan Rental in New Zealand for a memorable road-trip:

Look out for availability: Book a Campervan Rental for travel during December, January or February well in advance as availability is scarce during the summer season.

Rentacampervan - Britz Campervans New Zealand

Britz Campervans New Zealand

Discounts: You might be entitled to discounts if you book a Campervan Rental with the same hire company in both Australia and New Zealand. Confer with the travel consultants of the company for discounts and to secure the best deal. Find the Best Camper Rental Hot Deals available at RentACampervan New Zealand.

Collecting and returning the Campervan Rental: Remember that campervan depots are generally placed close to airports (though not necessarily within walking distance). A majority of Campervan Rentals offer a complimentary airport pick up/drop off shuttle to transport you between the depot and airport.

Avoid jet lag before driving: If you arrive in Australia or New Zealand from a long flight try to stay at least one night in the city of arrival prior to collecting your vehicle the next day.

Spend some time at the depot after you arrive: The process of collecting your campervan will definitely take a lot of time. Familiarize yourself with the functions & features of the vehicle like how to use the cooker, TV /DVD player, fridge, shower, toilet and batteries and how and where to empty waste water. Listen to the instructions carefully. Search for deals book your New Zealand Campervan Rental today.

Rentacampervan - Britz Campervans New Zealand - Campervan Rental in New Zealand

Britz Campervans New Zealand

Leftovers: While returning your Campervan Hire there’s generally some place for surplus food to be left so that others can use it such as cooking oil, salt and pepper etc. Enquire about this from the staff in the depot.

Driving in New Zealand is quite easy provided you take your time and are courteous to fellow drivers. Within a few hours you can shift from inner-city traffic to open roads, motorways and unsealed surfaces. It is essential to adapt and drive the vehicle as per the conditions. Be confident and enjoy your Campervan Hire Holiday with loved ones.

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