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Time to pack your bags for Stewart Island!

Stewart Island formally called Rakiura, is the medium-sized island located in New Zealand. In size it is smaller than the two main islands of NZ but in comparison it’s far bigger than the many other small islands in the area.

With the popularity of off-beat tourist spots and less preferred accommodation options, people have started to opt for campervan to enjoy their stay in NZ in a never before way. We, the masters of our field believe that we can easily help you out in finding the best deals for campervans hire. Whenever you think of choosing a differnet way of exploring a destination, it is important that you choose the most interesting way because in that case, you will get the total value for your money. Camper vans for hire are available with rentacampervan and we also boast superior motorhome hire services. When you pay for something, you should not settle for anything but the best. New Zealand campervan rental service providers are available everywhere these days but whom to choose becomes an arduous task for the travellers. Therefore, we thought of simplifying the process for you.

Campervan PHZ

Campervan PHZ

There are a lot of activities that you can do on the Stewart Island if you go for camper van hire. Visit the local Museum and the Dept of Conservation, because both have brilliant displays and stay open on almost all days. Leisurely walks are a popular among the coastline. Those interested in fishing trips may choose to indulge in the same. Above all Campervan for hire allows you to figure out the destination of your choice the way you want. You can stay at the place where you want, you can easily take necessary breaks in between the trips and then resume the trip whenever you want. Campervan Hire New Zealand with New Zealand allows you to make a list of activities that you are most interested in, and in that way you won’t have go by the itinerary planned by your service provider.

A guided tour to Ulva Island Open Sanctuary is another option to brighten up your New Zealand holidays. Partly private land and partly a recognized National Park, Ulva Island is perhaps the closest to unspoiled of any area of NZ open to the general public. Water-taxis are an interesting way to explore the Golden Bay and visitors can choose their guided tours to the Bay if interested.

If you love those cute creatures hopping around you, then you might get lucky enough to find Penguins on the Island. No just that, you can also find Kiwi, long-tailed bats, and other rare species on the Island.

Super Luxury - Model  (WAT)

Super Luxury – Model (WAT)

You won’t be able to walk around the Island in a day’s time. Though it looks small but the entire area takes time to be fully explored. So if you plan to hire a campervan, your decision is absolutely fine because that ways you can explore the hidden corners of the island also.

Land is rocky. Stewart Island is made of granite stone, some of the most ancient rocks in the New Zealand. An extensive range of minerals are present, though they are not available in commercial quantity but it is enough for a travellers delight. Motorhome New Zealand is one of the nicest ways to explore the island because it lets to take rest in between because that’s the best part of a travelling expedition. You can’t keep going endlessly. There are times when you want to lie-down on a tranquil space and forget the worries of the world outside. New Zealand campervans help you live your Steward Island vacation in the most luxurious way possible.

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