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The Ultimate Way to Discover Northland, New Zealand Using Campervan Hire NZ

If you want to explore the picturesque regions within New Zealand, you must stopover at Northland, via Campervan Hire NZ. This is the native land of the very old Maori culture which New Zealand is famed for. There is a splendid set of islands right through this expanse, which is why it is ideal for bright days which are meant for relaxing on the seashore which envelop most of the subtropical expanse. This essentially means that apart from being warm and stunning, this area also has noteworthy historic importance.

MAUI Campervans

MAUI Campervans

Northland was discovered by the Polynesian voyagers, in the 11th century. They were followed by Captain Cook in the year 1769, and thereafter by missionaries as well as traders. During the year 1840, the momentous Treaty of Waitangi was signed within the Bay Of Islands. This ultimately led to the foundation of the multicultural civilization which New Zealand is well-known for in the present day. Apart from its historical significance, there are numerous activities to participate in when you visit this area. By means of New Zealand Campervans you can enjoy the views of the region and you can travel as you wish.

The primary attractions include the bays as well as the seashore. This is the region where people can get pleasure from water sports such as fishing, diving, kayaking as well as sailing on the seas. You can take pleasure in all these activities in the Far North as well as the Bay of Islands. You can also look forward to such activities within the Northland West Coast. The primary gateway city which will lead you all the way to the renowned Bay of Islands is Paihia. As you visit this city using your Hire Campervan, you will come across numerous cultural activities in addition to attractions which will ensure that your trip is eventful. You must also visit Kerikeri, which is a miniature town that is reputed for its fruit production, as well as art and this will proffer the perfect opportunity for you to glimpse the local farming, as well as culture.

The next destination via Campervan Hire NZ is the Kauri coastline. This will enable you to take part in the diverse activities, in that region, and for this, it is necessary to stopover at Dargaville. This city is renowned as it encompasses one of the extensive beach stretches, and this is an area where you can easily reach via your Hire Campervan. In this district you must visit the Kauri Museum, where you will be enthralled by the narration of the mesmerizing story of the pioneers inside the region as well as their fascinating history. You must also include a trip to the Woodturners Kauri Gallery so as to gain knowledge of the wood turning art.

Campervan Hire NZ

Campervan Hire NZ

It is up to you to decide if you wish to unwind on the beaches, or else go out and benefit from the Northland region’s culture. What is unquestionable is that Northland is an ideal destination for your vacation, via Campervan Hire New Zealand

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