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Stunning Places to Travel Around with New Zealand Campervans

Campervan Hire New Zealand

Campervan Hire New Zealand

With New Zealand Campervans you can take the spectacular drive towards the Thames Coastal Road. The picturesque drive will take you along the shoreline, as you enjoy the dazzling sand beaches and arrive at your destination which is the Rapaura Water gardens near Tapu.

The picturesque landscape is a highlight, as you visit Colville, and Coromandel Town. Coromandel town has a stress-free ambiance, which permits you to invigorate your mind, body as well as soul. The serene atmosphere and striking natural environs will overwhelm you and make you wish that you could stay in this place everlastingly. It is also an idyllic place, to discern the concealed harbors and bays of the Coromandel, beside the reinstated, heritage structural design which makes this region so picturesque.

Adjacent to this region is the small neighborhood comprising Colville Town. This quiet town in the countryside is the center for the arts and farming industries and is the ideal place to getaway for a stress-free afternoon, with your hire vehicle.

Waihi/ Waihi Beach are renowned as the region within New Zealand with a Heart of Gold. Waihi is amid the most renowned gold mining towns within New Zealand. A trip to this region with Campervan Hire NZ for a day or so will permit you to experience an undemanding life. Waihi Beach is the primary attraction in this region which extends for 9 kilometers. It ultimately connects to the Tauranaga Harbor, and is the ideal place to take an invigorating dip, unwind, or participate in a series of enjoyable and exhilarating water sports. This is a region which is not only preferred by the locals, it is a place you are sure to enjoy, as well.

Hire Campervans

Hire Campervans

Stewart Island is the third as well as southern-most isle, within New Zealand. It is a refuge for local birdlife and is the single place within New Zealand where you can actually spot kiwis in their normal territory. This island is truly familiar with the world of beaches and flowering shrubs as it includes the Rakiura National Park. This island is quite popular with tourists, as it encompasses verdant forests, crystal clear waters, vegetation, and untouched natural beauty, as well as sweeping sands. Remember that you cannot take your Campervan on the ferry. Nevertheless, there is an adequate storage facility at Bluff where it is possible to park your vehicle for a day or the nighttime if you choose to stay on for an extra day or two, on Stewart Island.

As you visit this region, remember that only a few places have appropriate services meant for Campervans. Caravan parks in the chief centers normally proffer the necessary facilities, which permit you to recharge your vehicle’s batteries.

As you explore the diverse and scenic regions within New Zealand, you must set aside at least a few days to completely enjoy the splendor of this country. As you travel around this picturesque region with your Hire Campervan, New Zealand’s exquisiteness will entice you and you will simply not be able to resist the charm.

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