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Selecting the Perfect Campsite for Campervan Rentals NZ Trip

Selecting Campsites in New Zealand: There are plenty of campsites to unwind on your campervan rental holiday in New Zealand. As a land of the great outdoors, a night under the canvas is definitely an ideal accommodation option.

Campsites range from the super-slick ones with landscaped gardens, power hook ups, swimming pools, TV and games rooms, internet room, Wi-Fi, clean bathrooms, laundry facilities and kitchens to the basics with facilities restricted to a long drop toilet.

Make the most of it if you come across a site which has a communal kitchen. Benefit from added space as compared to your campervan rental to cook your food and wash up afterwards.

RentACampervan - Waikanae Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park

Waikanae Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park

Comparing campsites become an easier task when you travel more. Most of the sites are well run, spotless and provide kitchen utensils, cutlery & crockery along with a few condiments. Find the Best NZ Campervan Rental Deals at RentACampervan.

Campsites are also amazing places to interact with other travellers. Get to know more about the place you intend to visit from someone who’s already been there.

Department of Conservation (DOC) campsites are usually in stunning yet remote locations and are an affordable option. You could also find a great range of Campsite or Campervan Park from the Top 10 Holidays Park website.

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Collect a free book with particulars of the different campsites from your depot during the Campervan Rentals Trip.

If you’re taking a trip during the peak season remember that campsites begin to fill up from mid-December to the end of February. It’s worth calling ahead to book if you are aware of your next destination. Even if this is just half an hour prior to your arrival you might get the last spot!

Holiday parks are well-equipped to please people at a minimal cost and a majority of them have striking landscaped settings. They provide sites for caravans and campervans and many of them have self-contained motel units too. Powered and non-powered campervan sites are also available.

Sit around a campfire on a clear evening and listen to the sound of the waves or gurgling rivers. Go tenting in the wonderful wilderness of any of the National Parks for a memorable self-drive holiday experience.

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