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Ride Through The Similar High Mountains for a Vacation in New Zealand

What a starkly irony, when we ride thru the tough terrains of life we don’t like it, but when we ride through the similar high mountains for a vacation, our heart simply rejoices!

Last vacation, though it came to me after a long-time, was indeed a fond dream that got accomplished. I travelled across the scenic beauty of New Zealand! At first, after the long air travel, the place came to me as a shock, but when I saw aisle of travelers like me stranded and wondering, my heart serene. Walking past the Auckland International Airport exists, I felt warmness in my heart, and it was because of those who were waiting for me – at the airport, with the placard! That’s the first time I smiled, and thought yes indeed everything was in control, and I am here to make the most of it.

But the days when I started planning for my vacations it wasn’t so. I took all my vacation decisions in a haste, destination, dates, hotels, hire a car, international air travel, campervan; everything was just a quick decision, even my baggage! Not because I wanted to, but because I was made too. I simply wanted to escapee from the frenzied New York City; it was just getting too much for me. But I really had nothing to vouch upon, low on dollars financially broken, new job at-hand, a really bad boss and strenuous long working hours at the restaurant, but still had this urge for a vacation.

One-day the owner of the restaurant asked me to come at work on my weekly off day. I started feeling awful. “On a weekly day off, he wants me to work – ruthless!” I felt pity about myself. The old job was better, at least I was treated better, I started contemplating… suddenly the master chef walked in and asked me whether “I was planning to take holidays?” I didn’t miss the opportunity. I said “Yup. I am going to New Zealand for 10days!” And that’s exactly how it all begun. With every such enquiry about my holidays led me to make a new decision. A visitor once overheard a conversation I was having with my colleague regarding the trip to New Zealand, he startled me and said “you should never book a hotel in New Zealand, rather opt for campervans all through your journey”. I replied in “don’t they treat you well, the way we treat you over here?” We all laughed our lungs-out. But then he said wherever you travel in New Zealand, you will always be in front of a natural master piece. He gave me an internet link and asked me to Hire Campervan. It was an advice, worth a diamond.

With the newly built-up 2 berth campervan loaded with all the amenities—that I had asked for, was all set to roll. Where ever I went, I had direct access to these people, always willing to sort me thru and suggesting me and treating me at ease. The oceans, mountains, parks, reserves, volcano, everything in New Zealand just engulfed me. Just the perfect vacation with 24 x 7, adventure on road was the best way to replenish my broken self. All though it was really expensive not the campervan, but the booking that I made at the hotel for stay. I had to cancel it and hire the campervans for few more days, to soak myself in the depths of New Zealand. Sincere thanks to all of you at http://www.rentacampervan.co.nz !

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