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Nelson New Zealand Campervan, Have you packed your bags yet?

The sunlit city of Nelson is a must stopover when travelling to New Zealand. Situated in the north-west corners of the NZ’s South Island, Nelson gets the maximum amount of sunlight in the entire region. With its tranquil attitude, this region is home to striking golden beaches, national parks, a booming art scene and delightful summer fruits. Situated below a vast blue horizon and bright sun, Nelson is the point where most New Zealanders prefer holidaying. New Zealand campervan is emerging as a fast growing travelling option these days. The comfort of having a vehicle by your side, in which you can travel as well as spend your days and nights, is fascinating for all. This appears to be a nice option for all sorts of travellers because it not only gives you comfort while you’re on a journey but also makes sure that you stay calm and tension free throughout your stay.

In central Nelson one can find a lovely cathedral, a few historic homes, splendid botanic gardens and superb restaurants and bars. Nelson food may take time, because it’s absolutely fresh. The speciality of Nelson is its Seafood so when you’re here, you must please your taste buds with some delightful seafood. Because of its warm climate, Nelson is NZ’s largest food growing destination. When you plan to visit NZ, you must try campervans for hire because they have become really popular among travellers of all sorts. If you hop-on your own vehicle, it will give you the opportunity to discover the place at your own speed without worrying about the deadlines, accommodation, etc. You can park your vehicle in a safe place and then you can simply explore the region the way you want.

Berth Flip-Top Campervan

Berth Flip-Top Campervan

If you go for campervan hire in New Zealand, one thing that you must take care of is that the chemical toilet must be emptied before you use it. Also at the time of returning the vehicle, you must make sure that you return it in the same condition. When you’re in Nelson, you can stop at one of the many roadside stalls for tempting peaches, raspberries or you can also pick up one of the many wine brands of New Zealand because Nelson has many vineyards. Renting camper New Zealand also enables you to take a look into Nelson’s lively Saturday Market that offers local food such as cheeses, handmade breads, clothing, flowers and excellent art works. Nelson is well-known for hosting one of the best art scenes in NZ. Art galleries here are loaded with paintings, glassblowing, ceramics and traditional Maori models. The famous Suter Gallery features a great assortment of art from New Zealand and international art. The exciting World of Wearable Art and Classic Cars Museum is another destination that can’t be missed.

Motorhome hire NZ is an exciting way to find out more about this excellent city of NZ. They city is surely a lesser known destination but it is one best place for those wanting to sneak-peak into the real NZ. Also, its good sometimes, to simply explore the lesser known region than going by the beaten track. Nelson also has some of the best beaches in NZ like Tahunanui. A little further out you will find the lovely Rabbit Island and Mapua. Mapua is an excellent camping ground so if you’re tired of driving and sight-seeing, you can park your campervan NZ motorhomes here and rest a little. When you’re on Nelson beaches you must just lie down and forget the troubles of life because that is the best way to relax in the lap of comfort.



Campervans New Zealand service providers are sprawled all over the NZ but before choosing the one for yourself, you must do a good research and then go ahead with it. You must know your requirement so that you can tell the same to your service provider. Right from your bed to your kitchen and food, you should know everything about your travel. Campervan rentals NZ are the best way to explore the hidden corners of Nelson. So now you already know what is it that you’re required to do on your NZ holiday, don’t you?

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