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Yahoo– lets vanish into thin air, Off to Auckland and then Queenstown, New Zealand!

Baggage for 2 kids and 2 adults seems to be whopping task, but the thrill of exploring the scenic mountains was far greater than the toils of packing and traveling.

After those long flying hours it was spectacular to land at Auckland’s new airport. It was nice to go out into the thin air. A sheet of lovely spring flowers waiting in purple and white colours were just a preliminary signs of the new season. The huge kiosks at the entryway were funneling each traveler accurately and quick. The airport terminals were made in similar styles, as those of many new airports terminals around the globe. It is fully equipped with newer technology and amenities for an efficient travelling experience. Though this time we were sure that we don’t have to worry of been getting lost since we were renting a campervan!

RentACampervan New Zealand, was an absolute joyful decision we had made, as a family. We could go out on fully-mobile houses of our own, hike on mountains and be lazy on the beaches, arresting ourselves to the natural beauty of the land, to our hearts content. Then floating over a ferry, that bridges between the north and south island. And returning back at night to the motorhome for a good-night sleep is an out-and-out adventure.

We had just settled into the 4 breath campervan. It looked very spacious, cozy and modern. With proper fittings and well crafted furniture was enough for four people inside the Campervan. Unbelievable. The major highlight of the trip was the night stay on the hills with Cook Sound views and the green mountains. We had also requested for a motorhome and the rentacampervan team readily offered us the best. It was indeed a splendid horizon we will never forget, with celestial sky above us and the huge mountains before us with the snow caps.

But the vacation had an intended twist to it; I wished to visit some of my old Kiwi friends, to inform them about the college reunion. And also wanted to spend couple of days with my old cousin – for a family reunion. Biking and kayak with their families on the south island, was really a splendid experience. We also visited the beautiful hidden paradise of Rakiura National Park. A dense costal rainforest and freshwater wetlands to sand dunes in the park were the excellent chance to hear and see the calls of ruru, weka and kiwi in the wild.

The drive from Auckland to Queenstown on a campervan had many reasons to halt. But then we then visited the Wellington’s best know Museum and restaurant Logan Brown. A true taste of history coupled with authentic food, was simply more than what we could digest. Going south wasn’t really a southwards experience; rather it was just the beginning of kiwi nostalgia – the vacation on the wheels.

It was simply a superb vacation; I can’t think of anything else more exciting than the land of the Kiwis and a Campervan Holiday.

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