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Let the ‘you’ in you be unveiled The pure 100% you – Campervan Rental New Zealand !

We all wear mask! A mask that’s unseen. We wear it in public and toss it when we are alone. It’s a mask behind which we hide our true self. Even from our closed ones – the family! Now it has become so often, that we have now forgotten what we really are. It’s only when we are alone do we critically analyse what we have lost. All that we need is a time for our own, an escape from the escapees!


Getting closer to the pure serene spaces, rock-steady mountains, the never ending oceans are the way to get closer to nature. It is this one thing that reboots us to think within. A view from the greener side, changes our perspective about life. Campervan Hire New Zealand is on such spot wherein there will always be an opportunity to in front of these breath-taking panoramic views.

A top-view from the Mount Eden and One Tree Hill in Auckland, Mount Victoria in Wellington, the Port Hills in Christchurch and Flagstaff Hill in Dunedin are panoramic urban landscapes. A view away from the city begets the beauty of the city.

The view from the Mount Iron in Wanaka and Mount Hikurangi on East Cape are worth the effort. Reaching the top doesn’t make us feel as a winner but on the contrary it makes us forget the pain of climbing the mountain. As from these heights we kiss the blue never-ending celestial space above us. For those who are lazy to climb the mountains in New Zealand Campervans, visit the Moeraki on the Otago Coast and the outrageous Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki.

Not the heights but a kayaking thru the rock carvings at Mine Bay in Taupo or street walking at Katiati excites us with the stories from the history.

Lindis Pass, Matamata, Whangarei, Waitaki Valley, Mount Maungatautari and Arapuni, Nuggest Point Lighthouse, Mount Iron and Roy, Aratiatia Rapids, Mount Tarawera, Akaroa’s French heritage, Mauao, scenery of Glenorchy, Karitane, Roxburgh, Te Mata Peak, Huka Falls, Kaiate Falls, Canterbury Plains, and many more such places are simply the best places on earth to escape. An escape to discover your own pure character – is the true nirvana experiences.

So plan for a discovery trip today, book for rent/hire Motorhome and keep travelling without been bound in the shackles of times, money and four walls. Remember the trip in New Zealand Campervans is the only way to discover the 100% pure you.

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