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Know everything about campervan holidays NZ

New Zealand is a beautiful island country in the south western Pacific Ocean. Visiting this wonderful country makes the bucket list of many. New Zealand also boasts of one of the well-organized touring routes which make it easy to get around, travel and experience adventure. Many people visiting New Zealand opt to travel roadways by motor homes, making it a driving holiday. Also, hiring motor homes or campervans is a very convenient as well as a flexible option for accommodation while on a driving journey in the beautiful land of New Zealand. With so many things to do and spectacular places to see, choosing an efficient motor home is a wise option. Each destination in New Zealand is distinctive and wonderful in its own way. The open country roads in New Zealand are a plus point for all those road travelers who look forward to experiencing the scenic marvels of the country on their own. Almost all those self-drive holiday needs are fulfilled by various companies offering cheap campervans for holidays in New Zealand.

Maui Campervan Hire

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One of the most widely known campervan makers in the world is the automobile giant, VW. VW campervans have been popular for a long time now. They offer comfortable accommodation for two or more people for domestic or travel use. High top and raising roofs are both available. Campervans come in all shape, size and color. A campervan gives the luxury of home on roads. It provides the traveler with the freedom to be flexible and free to do what they wish, while on a drive holiday. Explore, roam around the beautiful countryside, and find wonderful and exotic places to park and picnic. The freedom is completely yours.


Booking for a rent of a campervan in New Zealand is very easy. Various websites allow online booking as well. They pick up the clients at their main centers and also offer flexible pick up and drop convenience. It allows us to travel from one point to another instead of a round trip. Rental rates for a campervan in New Zealand vary according to season and distance to be travelled. The cost includes insurance as well. Only travelers of minimum age 21 are allowed to rent motor homes. It is convenient for the travelers to book the motor home they need, before arriving in the country.

Maui Campervan Hire

Photo Courtesy – Maui Campervan Hire


The biggest advantage of having a campervan in New Zealand is that we can decide the pace of our holiday. Whether we want a relaxed holiday or an adventurous one is completely on us. Comfort and privacy are the biggest plus points. We have the absolute freedom to do anything as we drive through the country. We can visit any place we want. We can stay at any place for any amount of time. We can enjoy the finest elements of a self-drive road holiday, be free from traffic, move according to will, and enjoy the most beautiful scenery of the country side in New Zealand as long as we drive a campervan. It makes our holiday experience a beautiful one.

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