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How to enjoy a low-priced vacation with NZ Campervan

New Zealand is well known for its beautiful natural settings. However, to enjoy your vacation with Campervan Hire NZ you must search for fun and affordable options for travelers. For this you must be aware of activities to join in so you can get the most from your trip.

The dissimilar landscapes offer lots of things to do in this charming island nation. Auckland is surely the most populated city in New Zealand. You can check out some inexpensive and super fun things to do in Auckland. You can get free admittance at The Auckland Art Gallery which contains some incredible Maori artwork. You can also enjoy an appetizing lunch at Sky Tower which is a famed revolving tower restaurant with impressive views of the city. You must not miss the sky jumpers on your trip. Another enjoyable option which is pricier but under $50 is a trip to Rainbow’s End, perhaps the most excellent theme park within New Zealand.

A tour to the famous Bay of Islands is a must. This will enable you to experience a slight change of pace before resuming the Campervan trip to explore New Zealand’s natural settings. Many well-known resident Maoris were born in this region which is famous for its sailing and fishing opportunities. You must check out some fascinating old wooden buildings in this region. A boat ride is a popular option however you should hire a kayak to get exquisite views of this incredible region. Check out the impressive views at Flagstaff Hill Track and the breathtaking Haruru falls waterfalls.

Super Luxury - Campervan  Model  (WAT)

Super Luxury – Campervan Model (WAT)

After a short drive with Campervan NZ from Auckland you will reach Coromandel. This is the perfect place to go on a boat tour to check out this amazing spot located on New Zealand’s North Island. You will find stunning rock formations, exquisite caves and lovely islands. There are lots of opportunities for snorkeling and if you are lucky you might spot a few penguins too.



Another must visit spot is Hot Water Beach. This is the perfect spot to get a distinctive experience where geothermal heated water comes out through cracks in the rocks to the sand on the beach. At times the water is really hot which is why you must rent a spade to dig up a really good spot. Try to reach Hot Water Beach early preferably 2 hours ahead of low tide as it gets really crowded.

NZ Campervan is the best option to travel around New Zealand. On your trip you will come across lots of natural wonders like mountains, waterfalls, and many dazzling beaches. Plan your trip cleverly so that you have enough time to enjoy your holiday.

If you prefer adventure sports there are limitless options from paragliding to zorbing to bungee jumping. If you favor a somewhat relaxed vacation you can simply admire nature and there are many peaceful spots to revive you. With Campervan Hire in New Zealand you will definitely have a great time. All you have to do is be safe and have lots of fun in this amazing island nation.

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