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How to choose a reliable New Zealand Campervan

Campervan hire in New Zealand is the best way to admire the natural loveliness of this picturesque country. However you must be aware of a few facts prior to choosing a good New Zealand campervan.

Campervan (WD) -  (AKL & CHC)

Campervan (WD) – (AKL & CHC)

  • Ensure that you avail a reliable hire vehicle. Check to see if the rental firm has 24 hour roadside assistance from AA or Automobile Association.
  • To make your New Zealand holiday comfortable and stress-free check if the Campervans are equipped with the necessary equipment. This includes gas cookers, cutlery, bedding and a fridge. Check if the rate you pay for each day comprises living equipment as a few companies might charge extra for these services.
  • Prior to booking your campervan ensure that it fits your requirements. Get in touch with the supplier to verify if the campervans they have will suit your specific requirements. This is important as they have a wide range of campervans to go with the number of travelers, diverse budgets and different luxury levels.
  • Camper rentals in New Zealand vary from the older models to new vehicles with the latest fit-outs. Hire vehicles can vary from 10 year old vehicles to the modern campervans with spanking new inner fit-outs.
  • When you are planning your travel plans and the linked budget, confirm the type of fuel the campervans require. Diesel is cheaper as compared to petrol in New Zealand. This is why camper van hire in New Zealand is a cost-effective way to travel around the country. Nearly all the larger campervans run on diesel.
  • Find out clearly what the price you are paying for each day includes. The supplier can provide the relevant information on what is included in the rate and what is not.
  • If you are less than 21 years of age you must ensure that the company whose services you avail will recognize you as a driver. You must be at least 21 years old for renting camper New Zealand. Check if there are a few surcharges.
Campervan  (Britz Winter Special) - Manual

Campervan (Britz Winter Special) – Manual

If you wish to travel to the North as well as the South Island you must be aware of the firm’s policy regarding the ferry crossing amid the islands. Quite a few companies have depots on each side such as Picton on South Island and Wellington on North Island. However some companies do not have this. You may have to take the camper van hire on the ferry. It is simpler to drive the vehicle on the ferry. You can exit on the other side rather than change vehicles, transfer your baggage etc.

Search for a company where you can get the maximum benefits to ensure that your New Zealand holiday is an unforgettable one. The company must proffer an extensive range of vehicles to select from. This will make it easier to select the best New Zealand campervan at an affordable rate. If there are provisions for GST or Goods and Services Tax, Standard Insurance, 24 hour AA roadside assistance free of cost and unlimited mileage this will make your holiday memorable.

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