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How cool is this pool Campervan Hire NZ!!

Campervan Hire NZWe all love to name our vacations; it treasures our memories to be cherished in future. Lazy people theme their New Zealand vacations usually with the destination name. But here is a surprise for you. This time name your vacation “The Natural Hot Pool Vacation”!

To make it exciting hire a Campervan Rental New Zealand and soak yourself for a thousand splendid moments in New Zealand’s. Apart from the scenic landscapes, lighthouses, waterfalls or wineries there are also geothermal hot pools in New Zealand. Amongst the New Zealand volcanoes are the very pleasant Hot Pools, some are where you would have least expected them and others are still active & wild.

Through-out New Zealand, from the north to south, here are the list of the active wild hot pools. The hot springs at Ngawha. The grey and brown water splashes straight from the ground thou looks muddy but is considered to contain great medicinal value. For centuries the locals take a dip in this hot pool to relieve from joint pain and skin rashes.

The Great Barrier Island, East of Auckland near the Hauraki Gulf, a magical hot pool experiences amidst the deepest forest ranges. A walk from the Kaitoke Hot Spring following the Whangaparapara Road considered as a bliss for couples and friends with Campervan Hire NZ – a true treat away into the woods!

On the Coromandel Peninsual near the Whitianga, The Lost Spring brings forth the crystal clear water that flow from a hot water spring 600 metres below the earth surface. The Lost Springs is really an adrift experience.

In South Auckland, the Te Aroha Mineral Spas, is a drinking water fountain that lets you to be young forever – the fountain of youth. The cost of Whitianga cherish the Hot Water Beach- bubbles up through the sand. Rent a spade and dig up your own spa pool on the either side of the high tides. And lie down watching the waves breaking out. Truly heavenly experience.

The coastal city of Tauranga, accommodates the Fernland Spa Thermal Mineral Springs a commercial space spread across 2.5 hectares of the native forest park. The city of Rotorua built on the top of an active volcanic zone homes lot of private, exchange-heated spa pools. Also the famous Polynesian Spa and Waikite Valley Pools offers 36 to 40 degree Celsius pools are found. Te Manaroa Spring is the largest natural boiling water source in New Zealand.

The free of charge hot spring called the Butcher’s Pool near teh Reporoa is for the regulars’. With walkways, toilets and changing rooms available. Near the ke Rotowhero is Kerosene Creek, the hot waterfall with sandy bottom.

Apart from these there are other thermal pools like the Taupo Hot Spring and Otumuheke Spring in the – the favourite hot and cold water mix, swim and soak to find the water temperature of your liking.

Also in South Island the Hanmer Springs, the all season hot sprint. At the Hanmer along with the thermal mineral, sulphur and freshwater pools, you will also find beauty and massage treatments for your relaxation. Welcome Flat in the Westland with New Zealand Campervans.

These are simply some of the best hot spring pools in New Zealand, but there is a lot more to soak yourself for a hot dip. Keep travelling the length and breadth of New Zealand and stop by your favourite hot pools for a rejuvenating experience.

A campervan trip to New Zealand can be a vacation worth thousand words for you. So Hire Campervan in New Zealand today and keep travelling to the remotes part of the country soaking in the Hot Pools of your choice ;-).

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