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Hire a campervan and visit New Zealand’s Scenic Capital Wellington

Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city and is situated on the south-western incline of the North Island on the Cook Strait. Hire a campervan and visit this exquisite city which is renowned as the southernmost capital city worldwide and is amid the most remote places to travel around.

Wellington is the administrative, literary and political hub of NZ. It is bordered by verdant, rolling hills on the periphery of a spectacular natural harbour. This beautiful region is also among the major urban districts in New Zealand. Avail a Campervan Rental in New Zealand and visit the incomparable art galleries, museums, restaurants and coffee houses in this region. This region exhibits the nation’s cultural, historic and creative treasures.

Park the Hire campervan in a suitable location and explore the city centre on foot. Walking is the best way to explore the streets of this spectacular city. I started my expedition at the heart of the city, in Civic Square. Visit the city centre for its distinctive range of past architectural styles. Wellington has over 2060 hours of sunshine every year. Rest assured that you can effortlessly explore the region on foot or with a Campervan in nice weather!

Dethleffs Campervans

Dethleffs Campervans

I was thrilled by the city lifestyle with its continual range of activities to participate in. There is definitely something to cater to everyone’s interests. Stroll towards the harbour and absorb the splendid views as you meander along one of the numerous harbour walks. There are plentiful opportunities for shopping at the gift shops and unknown boutiques. Discover quaint and artistic cafes on the way. The smell of the ocean lingers in the air and I was truly contented as I inhaled the fresh, crisp air.

The city becomes vibrant after sunset and the cityscape takes on an iridescent glow with a vivacious arts scene and a busy nightlife. Visit the chic nightclubs and bars that come into view as darkness engulfs the city. You can enjoy a peaceful holiday with a glass of locally produced wine or a cocktail.

Set out on a Campervan for rent in Wellington and explore the local botanical gardens. The gardens are located on protected local forest and comprise varying seasonal exhibits, conifers and diverse local plant groups. Strolling through the park permitted me to enjoy spectacular views over Wellington whilst getting in touch with nature and absorbing the natural scenic landscape.

The Colonial Cottage Museum is a must visit in this region as it is the oldest, recognized museum in NZ. Here, I glimpsed the residual part of the famous 1840 New Zealand Company Town Acre and impressive gardens as well

Dethleffs Motorhomes

Dethleffs Motorhomes

With a Camper rental in New Zealand you can explore the neighbouring areas of the main cities in a leisurely way. Set out on a Campervan holiday and explore Wellington. Discover the great outdoors, enjoy lots of shopping, savour the delicious culinary delights and discover a dazzling cityscape that will be indelibly imprinted in your mind for aeons.

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