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Handy tips for hassle free motorhome trips!

More about motorhome

Motorhome hires in NZ are associated with immense luxury and comfort and that is why most of the tourists visiting the city these days choose motorhomes over other travel options. Generally motorhomes can accommodate 2-6 people, and are an amazing way to explore New Zealand. Motorhomes in New Zealand are easily available with either of the two options- automatic or manual transmission. One can also choose between diesel or petrol engines. You may also choose what kind of model you’ll be more comfortable with, a small car-like one or a full-sized with attached washroom and toilet. Depending upon your requirement and budget, you can choose the model that suits you the best.

Peak Locations for Rental

The major spots for motorhome hires in NZ are Auckland and Christchurch, located near the airports. Some other companies have their shops at Wellington, Coromandel, Queenstown, Peninsula, Nelson and Picton as well. They generally have different pick up and drop off points for one way and two way trips and sometimes they may charge a small fee too.

Maui Big Dipper Special Campervan  Automatic

Maui Big Dipper Special Campervan Automatic

Maximum Rental Period
The motorhome rental in NZ is usually for a period of 5 days and not more than that. But during peak seasons like Christmas and New Year, it extends up till 10 days.

Get the rules right

If you wish to hire a motorhome and drive it on your own, it is important that you have a normal driving license that is accepted within New Zealand. One also needs to note that the minimum age for being able to drive is normally 25, but some companies may rent motorhomes to younger travellers as well. Those who know driving, for them it won’t be a difficult task to drive a campervan in NZ but those who are not all that confident about driving in a new city, they must follow certain guidelines. What they can do is to ask their service provider for necessary tips so can easily drive through an exciting New Zealand vacation.

Get Set Go!

Most of the service providers have their outlets near the airports and they generally pick their patrons from there only. If the visitors choose to come from their own car, they can easily park their cars at the depots. Before you start your journey with motorhome in NZ, the suppliers will brief you about the location, and the motorhome that you are going to use. It will be good if you could test- drive the vehicle before finally taking on the journey. That way, you will be able to better understand the workings of your motorhome. It’s good to gather as much information as you can about the city and the workings of the vehicle from your supplier so you don’t find any difficulty in handling it on your own later on.
One good thing about the rules and regulation is that the responsibility for the cleanliness of the motorhome rentals in NZ after you have rented it will be completely yours. So before returning the vehicle, make sure that the toilets are empty and the fuel tank should be full. Basically, all they want from you is to return the vehicle in its own state.



If you are planning to travel around the North and the South Island, you will be required to book the 3-hour Cook Strait ferry trip. The ferries are generally charged per vehicle plus an additional fee for each passenger. Ferries are a nice way to explore the countryside because they keep you entertained. With ample shops, cafes, movie theatre, and much more the ferries make it a point that you don’t get bored. You can also check for ferry home services with your motorhome rental in NZ because most of the time the rental companies have associations with ferry service providers and you might just get a discount on a combined package!

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