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Guide for Touring New Zealand in Rental Campervans and Motorhomes | Rent A Campervan Holidays Ltd - New Zealand
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Guide for Touring New Zealand in Rental Campervans and Motorhomes

New Zealand is renowned for its picture-postcard landscapes encompassing rivers, forests and majestic mountain passes. Enjoy short travelling distances and ever-evolving scenery touring New Zealand in rental campervans and motorhomes.

RentACampervan - Kiwi Campers New Zealand - Campervans Rental

Kiwi Campers New Zealand

Wherever you drive your campervan you will come across uncharted terrain. Simply stop the vehicle, take a break and enjoy the exquisiteness of the place whenever you want. Find the Best New Zealand Campervan Rental Deals at RentACampervan.

New Zealand Holiday Parks are capacious and spick & span. The DOC (Department of Conservation) sites are spacious, spotless and provide different facilities at reasonable rates.

Difference between a Motorhome and a Campervan: A Motorhome is basically a mobile home. The smallest version is a 2 berth which can accommodate 2 persons and there are bigger versions such as the 6 berths. A Campervan or Sleepervan is a vehicle inside which you can sleep and eat but does not have a shower and toilet. However some rental companies offer a portable toilet. Many companies and individuals also term Campervans and Motorhomes as one and the same thing.

RentACampervan - Kiwi Campers New Zealand - Motorhomes Rental

Kiwi Campers New Zealand

Travelling by motorhome offers a lot of flexibility as compared to other travel options. Take a trip according to your preferences, weather conditions and stay longer in a particular place or move camp earlier. Search for deals and book your New Zealand Motorhome Rental today.

Benefit from the rural properties and businesses operated by motorhome friendly New Zealanders. These businesses are an ideal option should you desire to stay overnight at a particular place devoid of any cost and obligation. Experience the essence of New Zealand, interact with the local people and get to know more about the culture & people of this extraordinary country.

Rural properties abound in New Zealand and are available via subscription which also includes separate guidebooks. Simply arrive at a Motorhome Haven, introduce yourself and initiate a new relationship. A membership is mandatory to stay overnight at these properties though.

RentACampervan - Kiwi Campers New Zealand

Kiwi Campers New Zealand

Your campervan holiday can be a special one when you interact with the local people. Sip a glass of wine and soak up the sunset in the vineyard where the wine was made. Or, go on a trip through limestone caves on a backwater country sheep station! Benefit from infinite thrilling possibilities on your motorhome rental New Zealand holiday!

Find the best New Zealand Motorhome Rental deals and Book Online.

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