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Feeling old is not mandatory as getting old. Ride with Campervan for Hire in NZ

This vacation, get out. Go off track and let it be like your last day on the planet Earth. Get ready and let some fresh air rush in you. Awaken your spirits and let it glide like an extremist.

Here are some of the audacious anchors you shouldn’t let go during your stay in New Zealand.

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New Zealand Campervans

Take your first step. Call the New Zealand Campervans team. And brief them your requirement, select a campervan/ motorhome. These guys have some of the best in town Motorhomes / campervans for rent. And the best deals to offer. Take right your first step.

Ever felt to fly like a bird! Then stretch out your wings and travel to Queenstown. There are also other places where-in you could start floating – North Auckland, Waikato, Hawke’s Bay and Wairarapa. But remember to start early in the morning for – Hot Air Ballooning! It’s an experience worth to treasure. As you hover away from the cities and drifts past the high snow-capped New Zealand Mountains. And as the golden streaks of sun rays from the oceans move away those sliver night lining, clasp your attention. It’s truly a mesmerising experience for the lifetime. Only New Zealand Campervans vacations can guarantee you such as assorted jiffy pristine views. A trip over the North Island will take you above lush areas, natural tapestry of pasture, vineyards, roads, rivers, towns and crops. South Island, provide superb views over the snow-capped mountains, sprawling patchwork of the Canterbury Plains. From the time you ran away into the adventure till you flatten the balloon, with champagne breakfast, its remarkable thrill. Don’t miss out on it. Campervan Rental New Zealand is a must.

After the up up and away experiences, the next is the New Zealand’s trademark sport. Developed and still the most revolutionized recreational activity of New Zealand – Zorbing. A globe made of transparent plastic populary known as the orb, is rolled downhill.  With you inside the ride spins, tumbles, flip and even slides you. If you think it is not wild enough to drains you then try Zorbing on the waters.  You can also get in groups of 3 and enjoy the ride with cool water in summer and warm water in winter, inside the orb.  A rough ride of Zorbing will certainly pump-out the best out of you.

If you think you’re not knocked enough, the next activity without doubt will pull you down. Bungy jumping! The first commercial Bungy jumping operators hail from New Zealand! A jump from the historic Kawarau Bridge near the South Island, Queenstown is surely a nut-cracker. A leap of faith is required to jump from the bridges, rails, custom made platforms and stadium roofs. The highest that New Zealand offer to the thrill seekers is the 134 metre jump from a gondola suspended above a canyon. Get ready with a blank-mind, don’t think, don’t analyse, just jump.  That few seconds of thrill, will definitely transform into days of speaking about and later a lifetime treasure to cherish. A great holiday to cherish with Campervan Hire New Zealand.

Now something for you soul, explore the paddle power exercise on the coastal regions of national park, islands and along fiords. In South Island you can also do the sea kayaking. Marlborough Sounds, follow the edge of Abel Tasman National Park their you can  see the seals, dolphins and orca, get a sea view of a fiord or travel you way around Okarito Lagoon, where you can see wading birds. In North Island Bays Island, Waiheke Island and Wellington harbour promotes sea kayaking safari. Paddle you way around the marine reserve such as Goat Island, Hokianga and Tauranga Harbours.

Knocked enough? Indeed these are just the glimpse of some of the actions you shouldn’t miss out on during your stay in New Zealand. The pristine beauty of New Zealand will definitely rejuvenate you and pep up your body, mind and soul together.

Mauri ora! Kia ora!

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