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Explore these North Island Waterholes with your Budget Campervan Hire NZ | Rent A Campervan Holidays Ltd - New Zealand
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Explore these North Island Waterholes with your Budget Campervan Hire NZ

Get your family or friends together for an unforgettable road trip with Budget Campervan Hire NZ to any of these top waterhole destinations in the North Island.

Maraetotara Falls:

Set off on a treasured hire campervan NZ road trip from Napier to this sweet summer spot. Head up Maraetotara Road and you will arrive at a parking area with an impressive white archway. Saunter towards the Maraetotara River and enjoy the 10 minute return walk to the gorgeous waterfall and waterhole with your family. Enjoy a memorable stay at the Maraetotara Falls Reserve or check out any of the splendid free camping sites in the region.

Hire Campervan NZ - Maraetotara Falls

Image Source: newzealand.com

Kaimai Waterhole:

Check out this amazing waterhole sited 20 minutes to the south of Tauranga. Exit Poripori Road and park the vehicle on the gravel patch. Go after the gravel path on the way to the Wairoa River. Locate the shallowest yet safest part of the river and cross the river to a welcoming oasis. Continue walking over the rocky territory en route for the overgrown bush where you will come across a dirt track that will lead you in the direction of the sweetest summer swim spot imaginable. Share a sumptuous picnic lunch with your family or soak up some sun in this wonderful spot with fresh waterfalls and tiny rock pools.

Rainbow Falls:

New Zealand Campervan Holidays - Rainbow Falls

Image Source: newzealand.com

Head towards this awesome destination from Kerikeri and drive your New Zealand campervan holidays northeast towards the Heritage By-pass and then turn left onto Waipapa Rd. Follow the road till you arrive at the end of Rainbow Falls Rd and on your left you’ll find the entrance to the beautiful Rainbow Falls track. Along the track you’ll find three amazing viewing platforms which provide breathtaking views of the majestic waterfall. Do remember to capture these treasured moments on film! As you make your way along the track you’ll arrive at an intersection where the TeAraroa Trail connects with the Kerikeri River Track. Carry on downhill and you’ll soon come to your dazzling destination.

Blue Springs / Te Waihou Walkway:

Te Waihou Walkway Blue Springs - Campervan for Hire NZ

Image Source: newzealand.com

Set off towards this magnificent spot from Cambridge and follow SH1 for 40 kilometres. Drive your campervan for hire NZ along Leslie Rd for quicker access to the unbelievably crystal clear oasis. Look forward to a serene adventure alongside the river which is also a natural free aquarium due to the awe-inspiring exhibits of the breathtaking underwater life.

Take a trip around these sweet & secluded swim spots this summer with Budget Campervan Rentals New Zealand.

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