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Explore Picturesque Coromandel, With Your Campervan Rental New Zealand

Campervan Hire NZ

Campervan Hire NZ

Coromandel is a region in the North Island amid foggy rainforests, natural beauty, in addition to golden beaches. This ensures that it is the definitive vacation destination for locals as well as tourists. This region is surrounded by intact, sandy beaches within the east and the local Pohutukawa trees in the western region. It is separated by mountain ranges which are covered in wonderfully green forests. There is a huge expanse of impressive coastline, and in order to explore this region via Campervan Hire NZ, you have to spend a week here.

This region is favorably positioned and it is almost two hours from the primary centers of Hamilton and Auckland. It is an effortless task to collect New Zealand Campervans, from Auckland, after which you can set out on your journey. Coromandel is an idyllic destination, if you wish to escape from the repetitiveness of everyday life. This is a paradise for people who love to walk, due to its variety of trails to discover, from the small coastal walks to the trekking expedition which can last for several days. As you explore this region with your Campervan Rental New Zealand, you will discern that there are numerous historical areas of interest in just about each corner, which is why the Coromandel is considered a multihued as well as creative center.

You can experience unique things as you travel around The Coromandel, as there are countless natural hideaways which are simply waiting to be discovered. There are certain areas of interest within this peninsula, which is a must visit, via Motorhome Hire NZ.

Mercury Bay lies on this region’s east coast, and in this expanse, you will come across the principal, reputable tourist settlement of Whitianga.  This shoreline is remarkable as it is strewn with several islands and the waters of the concealed bays are ideal for water sports. There are lots of attractions within this region which comprise Cathedral Cove, the Hot Water Beach, and Buffalo beaches, Cooks as well as the Whitianga Wharf.  If you wish to glimpse the most picturesque view near the seashore, you must visit Mercury Bay.

New Zealand Campervans

New Zealand Campervans

The rural community of Thames is renowned as the ‘Gateway to the Coromandel’. This region is within a 90 minute drive through Auckland. Thames is the foremost shopping destination in Coromandel, which is why it is the region’s profit-making center. The major industries of Kauri logging as well as gold supported the community, and led to the establishment of Thames. This is the place where you will come across numerous pubs, heritage buildings as well as museums. As you travel around this area with your Campervan Hire NZ, ensure that you visit the War Memorial Monument, the historical museum as well as hike Rocky’s Goldmine Trail.

When you avail RentACampervan New Zealand, you can effortlessly take the spectacular drive along the Thames Coastal Road. You will find the dazzling sand beaches irresistible. Coromandel proffers a unique mix of natural experiences which will surely leave you feeling re-energized, as you go on a vacation via Campervan Hire NZ.

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