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Explore Mystic New Zealand with campervan hire

New Zealand is a breathtaking location and the North and South islands offer lots of relaxing activities to the visitors. The warm-temperate type of weather offers several spectacular destinations for an economical yet memorable campervan hire holiday. A few places on a typical NZ itinerary include a trip to verdant rainforests, coastlines sprinkled with dazzling beaches and volcanoes. Hire a campervan and tour this amazing country. On my NZ trip, I was enthralled as I glimpsed the amazing natural wildlife which offers lots of possibilities for recreation.

The North Island is more developed and includes the capital city of Wellington and the heavily populated city of Auckland. New Zealand’s national museum The ‘Te Papa’ or Our Place is situated in Wellington.

I was enchanted when I visited The South Island with its amazing national park system. This includes Tai Poutini Westland National Park, the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park and the famed Fiordland National Park. Aoraki means the Cloud Piercer and is the tallest mountain in New Zealand. On a campervan trip to The Tai Poutini Westland National Park I was awestruck by the picturesque lakes, glaciers and the rainforests. Here, you will find different types of animals such as the chamois and red deer. I had a great time visiting The Fiordland National Park owing to its deep fiords which are dug out by glaciers. You will also glimpse an amazing variety of seals, birds and dolphins.

Campervan - Motorhome DIS

Campervan – Motorhome DIS

New Zealand is approximately 2000 kilometers from Australia which is why its native flora and fauna have developed in a relatively isolated background. You will be awestruck by the native Pohutukawa trees which are myrtle evergreen trees with beautiful blossoms.

With camper van hire NZ you can visit remote places and marvel at the diversity of flora and fauna. Sadly, many animal species have become extinct owing to the incursion on their natural habitat. Existing oddities comprise the kiwi bird and the kakapo parrot. View geckos and skinks and an unusual lizard named the tuatara. Enjoy hiking without qualms as there are no snakes on New Zealand’s islands.

The flourishing green flora in NZ is nurtured by a profusion of rainfall which has created a generous temperate environment.

Discover the allure of New Zealand with campervans. Hire a campervan and drive to a neighboring campsite, then set out on foot and admire the spectacular natural landscape.

I enjoyed my NZ trip and explored scenic New Zealand unhurriedly. You can enjoy your trip even more if you do not adhere to a fixed schedule.



I was fascinated with the unique Maori culture on my NZ trip. While bushwalking, you can look for the island’s famed gemstone, called by lots of different names such as Greenstone, Pounamu or Jade. This green mineral has a silky patina and is ideal for all kinds of attractive jewelry.

Cheap campervan hire in New Zealand offers a suitable discount travel option to tour this scenic region. I had a memorable campervan holiday and visited the museums and set out bird watching, hiking and visiting the hot springs. Campervan holidays are unquestionably an economical way to explore New Zealand.

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