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Explore Manawatu on your next New Zealand campervan rental holiday | Rent A Campervan Holidays Ltd - New Zealand
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Explore Manawatu on your next New Zealand campervan rental holiday

Manawatu is a beautiful spot to explore on your next New Zealand Campervan Rental holiday. You will be enthralled by the landscape in this region that extends from the sea towards the majestic Tararua Ranges. This scenic spot has an exciting range of adventure activities to enjoy on your campervan hire holiday.

Select from a wide range of thrilling activities such as kayaking, mountain biking, rafting, rock climbing and horse trekking on your New Zealand Campervan Holiday.

Experience the essence of country life in this exquisite region. Visit a genuine stock auction where farmers buy and sell farm animals and gather around pens as the auctioneer flings bids. Dating back to the 1880s stock auctions are among New Zealand’s oldest traditions.

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There is an extensive range of unusual attractions in Manawatu. Palmerston North is a lively city where you will find the first museum devoted to rugby worldwide. If you love gardens there are a number of extraordinary public and private gardens to glimpse. As you drive a little way down the road close to Horowhenua you’ll discover quirky attractions like an owl park, a farm dedicated to Clydesdales and a fully functioning Dutch windmill.

For lots of holidaymakers Manawatu is an out-of-the-way destination. Nevertheless this spot is packed with amazing landscapes, wildlife, driving routes and some of NZ’s finest culture and heritage narratives.

The Country Road in Manawatu takes you off the major highway and you can leisurely take a look at the diverse landscapes. The Stormy Point Route is a great alternative to the SH1 and you can enjoy a relaxed trip amid Taupo and Wellington. It’s a picturesque route with fantastic lookout points over old river terraces which connect you with the Feilding and Palmerston North City townships.

The Pohangina Valley Route comprises a huge valley situated at the base of the Ruahine Mountain Range featuring small communities, wetlands, the famed Totara Reserve Regional Park and many walking tracks on Department of Conservation terrain.

Dethleffs Camper  - Campervan Rental

Photo Courtesy – Dethleffs Camper – Campervan Rental

Visit the sheltered section of northern Manawatu named Iron Gates Experience and enjoy exciting activities such as hiking, horse trekking and camping. There is a popular country pub in this region along with many natural attractions. This spot is named after the popular Iron Gates Gorge which has a powerful river flowing through it as well as sheer cliffs.

To experience New Zealand’s great outdoors there isn’t a better destination than Manawatu. Owlcatraz is an amazing wildlife park featuring unusual and interesting animals set amongst resident bush and farmland. Glimpse the native New Zealand Owls such as morepork or ruru and spot ostriches, donkeys, deer, bulls and alpaca on your Campervan Hire NZ holiday. Ride a bike down the Manawatu Cycleway on The Country Road which is a division of the New Zealand Cycle Trail.

Visit Manawatu in New Zealand with your friends or family and enjoy an exhilarating Campervan Rental holiday. Manawatu’s rural settlements are well-known for their inimitable character and friendliness.

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