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Enjoy lots of adventure on your NZ Campervan Holiday

New Zealand is an ideal destination for adventure. My New Zealand adventure started in Auckland which is the country’s biggest city. This is where I set out on a trip with a campervan for hire.

Nearly all the NZ campervan motorhome hire companies offer cheaper deals if you do not travel during the peak season. The best time to avail discounts is during the months of July and August. This is also a suitable time for most people as they are on holiday. The rental for the hire vehicle at this time is approximately US$35 or £20 per day.

Campervan APOLLO

Campervan APOLLO

Peak season in New Zealand is from December to February and this is the time when New Zealand campervan rental rates are much higher. However a trip during spring or autumn is cost-effective. Moreover in August I didn’t experience extreme weather conditions except near the mountains. The North Island has a sub tropical climate and you will find less or no snow towards the north of Auckland. When you are traveling with limited funds, cooking in your mobile home is an inexpensive way to enjoy your holiday. Of course, it’s fun too!

Where are the places you can stay in New Zealand without spending a lot of money? Well you can stay at no cost at the chosen lay byes. This is not necessary as you can also opt for campsites where the prices are quite reasonable. The campsites are open throughout the year in New Zealand. You can opt for the Department of Conservation or DOC sites with basic though well-maintained conveniences in stunning locations. You can also choose the Top Ten Holiday Parks which have approximately 50 sites with better facilities like toilet blocks and heated shower services.

New Zealand is quite diverse as compared to other countries of its size. This is why you will come across infinite places with breathtaking scenery. There are lots of activities you can take part in as well. There are some activities I favor and you can also check them out on your next campervan hire NZ vacation.

You must experience the boat trip to the Hole in the Rock from the Bay of Islands. As you set out from Pahia or Russell which is the oldest European settlement in New Zealand, this journey will take you through stunning wooded islands from where the bay gets its name.

Campervan PHZ

Campervan PHZ

On this journey if you are lucky you might spot some of the bottlenose dolphins of the Bay. This is something you might see en route to Hole in the Rock which is essentially a passable tunnel via a huge rocky island through Cape Brett on the open Pacific.

Ninety Mile Beach is another place you must visit. However it is better to go on coach tours since insurance for a majority of campervans does not permit driving along the seaside.

These are just a few of the places I visited on my vacation with Motorhomes in New Zealand. If you can research and plan your trip in advance, you will definitely enjoy a memorable New Zealand campervan Holiday in New Zealand.

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