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Enjoy incredible Adventure Activities, with Campervan Hire NZ

Lots of people journey to New Zealand for a break and relaxation. Nevertheless, this country is renowned for its adventure activities. There are lots of options when you are on the lookout for the best adventure activities to give you the thrills you require. The ideal way to discover such activities is with New Zealand Campervan Rental. When you hire a campervan to travel around New Zealand, it gives you a good deal of flexibility to observe and accomplish as much as you want, at what time you desire.

There are certain adventure activities, you must include in your itinerary, to make your NZ trip worthwhile.

New Zealand Campervan Rental

New Zealand Campervan Rental

  • The Auckland Bridge Climb is a must visit, if you desire to go up a gigantic bridge and bungee off the pinnacle, 67 meters downward, in the direction of the water. You can enjoy this adventure activity in Waitemata Harbour.
  • At the juncture of Ruakuri Cave, in Waitomo, you can abseil 37 meters into a tiny hole which initiates an underground tour, of adventures under the sea.
  • The Sky Tower, situated in Auckland is a must visit on your trip. You have two options in the Sky Tower. You can opt for a bold base jump commencing the tower, or you can select a bungee bob jump which leaves you hanging for five minutes. This is a sure shot way, to have fun, and I had a lot of enjoyment, in this adventure.
  • When you think of adventure activities, how can you overlook White water rafting? You will come across some of the finest rapids, inside the River Valley of Taihape. You can book this intense tour with River Valley, however if you are not daring enough, it is better not to try this out.
  • Ledge Bungy is a major stop when you visit Queenstown, and in this place you can leap backwards, right off the cliff and turn over before you bungee straight into the void.
  • In Queenstown, you must experience the Nevis Arc Swing. For this, you must head in the direction of Nevis Canyon. At this point, I discovered the uppermost swing which gave me an incomparable adrenaline rush. You can book the tours online.
  • If you set out towards Buller Gorge, Nelson, you can experience the wonders of Jet boating. With this, I enjoyed some unsurpassed scenery and greatest speeds by way of a jet boat excursion.
  • When you visit Wanaka, Auckland with your Campervan Hire, Skydiving is something you must not miss out on. In lots of places all through New Zealand, you can skydive in the company of a tandem associate inside the most stunning countryside.
  • Positioned in Mokai Gravity Canyon within Taihape, Extreme Flying Fox is an activity you must not neglect. This incredible zipline will take you through a death defying fall which is guaranteed to leave you out of breath.
Campervan Hire NZ

Campervan Hire NZ

These are the amazing Adventure Activities, you can enjoy with Campervan Hire New Zealand. Participating in these activities will unleash a whole new world before you, and this world will surely leave you breathless.

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