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Enjoy Family-friendly Campervan Hire New Zealand holidays

Find the most fantastic destination for family-friendly Campervan Rental NZ holidays. No matter where you choose to travel in NZ, rest assured that there are plenty of things for your family and kids to enjoy!

Select from an extensive assortment of activities ranging from animal and wildlife experiences to thrill-seeking adventures and unique nature-based activities. See the distinctive wildlife of NZ in any of the countless animal parks and zoos. Glimpse the iconic white kiwi, go for a dip with the endearing dolphins or see the infamous King penguins at play on an unforgettable Antarctic Encounter.

Rest assured that you will have a wonderful time with your family when you explore the scenic South Island on your Campervan Hire New Zealand holiday.

Scenic South Island on your Campervan Hire New Zealand

Image Source: newzealand.com

Discover the marvels of Christchurch at your convenience. Set off on a tranquil cruise in a punt down the Avon River or take a leisurely walk through the flawlessly manicured Botanic Gardens.

Kaikoura is the perfect base for dissimilar wildlife experiences such as fur seals, countless seabirds and dolphins. The Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway is a rewarding trek to glimpse a seal colony, a seabird colony and limestone formations.

Scale the Skyline Gondola for larger-than-life views across Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu. On the lake, set off on a cruise for impressive farm tours, horse treks or savour a sumptuous lunch or dinner with your family. Explore Queenstown with your Budget Campervan Hire New Zealand.

Prepare to be amazed by the night skies inside the Dark Sky Reserve which encompasses the entire Aoraki/Mount Cook Mackenzie region. Lake Tekapo is a photographer’s vision during the daytime with turquoise waters and lupins that blossom in a vivid display of colour in the months of November and December.

Aoraki/Mount Cook

Image Source: newzealand.com

Escape from the commotion of Queenstown and head towards Wanaka which is a pristine lakefront destination with carefree vibes. A spree at the Puzzling World is a must with your kids as it has an inimitable 3D ‘Great Maze’, illusion rooms in addition to other unusual activities and structural designs.

Southland’s rocky terrain is a fantastic spot for a wildlife tour as it is the abode of penguins, albatross, seals and other fascinating species. The Royal Albatross Centre is sited at the summit of the Otago Peninsula and is the sole mainland worldwide with a breeding colony of the northern royal albatross.

Discover the scenic marvels of the South Island on your Hire Campervan NZ holiday and look forward to an enjoyable getaway with your family!

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