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Enjoy a fantastic Winter Holiday with Campervan Hire NZ

Winter in campervan hire New Zealand is quite different from other parts of the world which lies under snow for months without end. Apart from the Southern Alps and a small group of volcanoes on the North Island like Tongariro, Ruapehu, and Ngauruhoe you will hardly find any snow for more than a few days at a time. This is why you can enjoy a fantastic winter holiday with Campervan Hire NZ.

New Zealand has a moderate climate which is why it is neither extremely hot in summer nor is it really cold in winter. In the southernmost expanse of the South Island you will surely feel the chill of southerly winds. Nevertheless, New Zealand is a great place for a holiday regardless of the time of year.

Britz Winter Special  Camper Vans

Britz Winter Special Camper Vans

There are some important things to consider if you want to have a fantastic winter holiday with Hire Campervan in New Zealand.

  • There is a high possibility of frost, especially if you are journeying from Lake Taupo in the south. The best part about freezing days is that they invariably turn into a sunlit day as soon as the icicles melt.
  • Even if you do not find a lot of snow on the ground there will definitely be lots of rain perhaps hail from time to time and fog.
  • Ensure that you pack a lot of warm clothes and set out for the places where you can really benefit from the winter outdoors, like skating rinks and snow fields.
  • See to it that the Campervan or Motorhome Hire NZ has chains if you set out towards the mountains. You must check the places to put them on the hire vehicle.
  • Try to drive the vehicle during daylight hours. Remember that it gets dark by 5.30pm during mid-winter.

New Zealand has lots of great ski areas. A majority of them are located in the South Island including the biggest ski region with the longest season within Australasia, Mt Hutt. Canterbury has about 18 ski fields including Porters Pass, Hutt, Mt Lyford, Mt Dobson, Round Hill and Ohau. There are lots of club fields and infinite heli-skiing opportunities too.

Britz Camper Vans

Britz Camper Vans

In Wanaka and Queenstown you will find first-rate ski fields such as the Remarkables and Coronet Peak in Queenstown and Cardrona and Treble Cone at Wanaka.

With a six berth New Zealand camper vans you can experience the best snow conditions and have a lot of fun with your friends on this trip too. You can easily park the campervan at the base of the ski field road and get a shuttle to reach the top. Coronet Peak has sealed roads all the way to the mountain so you can effortlessly drive your Hire Campervan to the car park. This is the perfect base for the day’s activities.

When you opt for New Zealand RV rental you must take these aspects into consideration to enjoy a fantastic winter holiday. Remember that snowboarding and Skiing are not the only enjoyable winter activities in the South Island. You will have a great time with outdoor ice-skating as well.

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