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Dos and Don’ts while you’re on a Campervan!

We understand that a journey on campervan New Zealand won’t be complete without a few words on the dos and don’ts. So even if you think, you’re one experienced traveller and you’re a ‘know-how’ expert, you must go through the points mentioned to have an interesting and hassle free journey.
First timers would find it useful because this will help them plan their New Zealand campervan journey in advance.

When you’re in NZ, there are all sorts of options available for camping and having fun but most travellers these days get fascinated by the idea of camping inside a campervans NZ motorhomes. It’s an exciting new way to do some adventure.


Maui Big Dipper Special Campervan  Automatic

Maui Big Dipper Special Campervan Automatic


1. Make sure you check your van over before you finally race off to catch-up your ferry. Just the way you do with any other vehicle, do check your lights, water and oil/diesel levels. If you’re renting campervan New Zealand these pre-checks must be done by you as well as your service provider. It’s always good to double check even if it’s already done.
2. If you are heading on for a long journey it’s sensible to make sure that attached chemical toilet is empty with a good splash of blue chemical in there and a keep an extra bottle for further usage because hygiene comes first.
3. If your vehicle has an internal water tank, fill it to the level that is required. In case you overload it with more water, it might not be good for your fuel requirement.
4. You must check that the gas is off before you start driving.
5. Check for a 230 volt power lead and a water hose.
6. Spend on a good site guide. And if you can’t afford that, then you must try out certain websites or buy a guidebook because keeping a guidebook will only help.
7. Keep a map of the city that you’re planning to visit on your campervan hire NZ trip. If you have a Satellite Navigation system you won’t require a detailed map because it will save your life.
8. It’s okay if you love adventure but when you’re in a different place it’s always good to plan your route in advance. It’s always good to have a rough plan if not a concrete one.
9. Stuff your fridge with a good amount of food so that you don’t cry of hunger while on your exciting NZ campervan.
10. If you’re with your family, be sportive and stop cribbing about silly-little things. Be adventurous and live this journey to the fullest.

Campervan -ALP

Campervan -ALP


1. It’s important to take good care while parking the vehicle. Some motorhome hire are too large in size and they require a good parking space too. So decide your van judiciously.
2. Don’t pull up in inappropriate places. You can’t just bump into a random green grass area and make it your camping ground. If the area is occupied by residents, you must take permissions.
3. It is also important for you to know that ‘random camping’ is not allowed in UK so you might just end up paying fine for it, in case you try your hands at wild camping.
4. Never think it is suitable to dispose-off the chemical toilet in any place that you like because there are fix chemical disposal point where you must empty your chemical toilet.
5. Don’t disregard your fellow-campers. So it is advisable to play your favourite tunes in an appropriate volume.
6. Don’t think motor caravanning is for boring spoil sports. I am sure there are hundreds of Meatloaf fans that own a motor home.
7. Don’t forget to close the roof lights and windows of your campervan hire Auckland before driving away.

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