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Discovering New Zealand on a campervan!!

“I am frustrated.” “I need a break.” “I can’t take it anymore.” These were just the few words that my husband heard for the last six months, after a long day’s work. I was desperately in needed of a break. But again leaving 3 teenage kids home alone was heartache. So I kept prolonging the vacation plan. But one Sunday morning, I and my husband had a serious discussion on the vacation plans, along with kids. We could not afford the luxury of leaving the country. Also the X’mas holidays were approaching the kids too were excited to get-away. But we needed a home away from home. And that’s how the debate begun. And the idea of lazily staying in one place and sacrificing to visit other spots during the vacation was the major dispute. After a long-halt. My son George came up with an idea. He asked “Mom, why don’t we RentACampervan? Last year my friend Tony and his family hired a campervan and they had loads of fun. I could get the details from him if needed. We can have all that we want in it and can travel places.” That’s when we too thought about hiring a campervan.

We were searching for a cheap Campervan for Hire to tour New Zealand but not willing to compromise on the quality. And I was concerned about the road safety too. Since we were planning the vacation to be during the summer months, I wanted to get the most out of it .I wanted to see the stunning panoramic views of the green country side. There are lots of huge mountains, parks and reserves in New Zealand, as well as quite a bit of volcanism, earthquakes, and other geological activity, I didn’t wanted to miss on. Hence a bit of browsing and through personal visits, we got several contacts. We found many attractions for hiring a campervan in New Zealand. Though all of them were competitive in terms of pricing and provide similar added features like – the protection of the vehicle – widespread association of Service Agents all throughout the country – 24/7 on road assistance and many such features. But many of them were campervan manufactures; they are not gonna say anything wrong about their product and won’t pass-on the best. Though they were good in explaining to us the technical know-hows, but on road practical stuff, I wasn’t sure. We wanted somebody who could understand our needs and provided us the best solution. A customized type of stuff. So our research finally led us to a conclusion. The decision was to Hire Campervan from rentacampervan.nz.

We chose to hire a campervan from the range of deluxe 4 berth campervan from different manufactures. The spacious motor home was loaded with features such as reversing camera, flat screen digital TV, DVD player, air-conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, plus full shower and toilet facilities with extra tanks. Also the price they quoted was of on-road inclusive of insurance, taxes and no hidden charge everything paid-up, exactly the way we wanted it. Also they suggested us where to go, when, the tourist seasons and many deals that we could grab on road. I was really excited and happy with the rentacampervan team. The experience was like a visit to a one-stop shop campervan requirement. Now I was sure that all of us will enjoy our vacation in the Motorhome.

Our much awaited, Campervan Holiday started with the pick-up from Queenstown. We enjoyed the ride and everything on the way from mountain ranges to sandy beaches, lush rainforests and the unique flora and fauna of New Zealand. Despite the unexpected weather, it was wonderful. The view was absolutely stunning. We never knew that the place we lived in for so many years had so much to offer us, to refresh us from inside- out.

The campervan was in exceptional condition and it surpassed our outlook. And it was the cheapest for this size. The pickup and drop off service was excellent and we been recommending rentacampervan to many of our friends. Now we jokingly say to each other in our family “Are ready for a second campervan holiday?” And the reply is instant “Yup I am in, as always”

It was truly a home away from home!!!

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