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Discover uncharted terrain in New Zealand with Campervan Hire

Campervan Hire is one of the best and most popular options to travel around New Zealand. Permitting a level of liberty you cannot expect from other modes of transportation Motorhome Hire permits travellers to plot a course throughout the country at their pace and choose their preferred out-of-the-way routes. With a flexible means of transport tourists can halt wherever they wish and admire the impressive views of this breathtaking country. Select from any of the top-notch campgrounds and camping areas sited throughout New Zealand. For your convenience these sites have a huge number of non-powered and powered sites situated in different urban and picturesque areas.

Lots of tourists visit this beautiful country to view the serene surroundings and stunning natural loveliness. Consequently there are several must-see spots frequented by countless tourists every year. A Campervan Holiday is the best option to travel around stunning locations such as Rotorua, Kaikoura, Queenstown and Coromandel.

Located in the north of Auckland which is the largest city in NZ the Coromandel Peninsula is undoubtedly one of New Zealand’s eminent tourist spots. The area is ideal for tourists owing to its verdant native forests, warm climate along with pristine beaches and sandy bays.

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For nationwide and worldwide tourists Hot Water Beach is a popular tourist spot. Visit this thermal region for an inimitable experience wherein holes can be dug during low tide in the sand following which hot water rises from the land to craft a temporary hot pool.

Visit Cathedral Cove with Cheap Campervan Rental New Zealand as it is a well-known coastal landmark. This is an idyllic spot where sandy beaches are intertwined with lofty rock formations and a tree clad shoreline.

Located amid Picton and Christchurch Kaikoura is a famous tourist spot on the South Island. An exemplary seaside town in New Zealand Kaikoura offers supremely breathtaking views of coastal wonders on one side and majestic mountains on the other side. Kaikoura’s shores are renowned for marine wildlife and the Hikurangi channel is the ideal background for watching dolphins, whales and seals.

When you opt for Camper Vans in NZ there are infinite opportunities for journeying. Rotorua is a thrilling spot notorious for its geothermal activity and Maori culture. Ascending geysers of hot water and sparkling mud pools are united with cultural exhibits recreating the history of the resident Maori people. Rotorua has an extensive range of unspoiled rivers and lakes which are also industrious trout fisheries.

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Photo Courtesy – Dethleffs Motorhomes – Campervan Hire

Being an adventure freak Queenstown was possibly the finest destination for my holiday with Campervan Hire. I enjoyed a wide range of exciting adventure activities like skydiving, jet boating and bungee jumping in this fascinating spot. Queenstown undoubtedly provides numerous rousing experiences.

Experience a distinctive and pleasurable holiday and relax at any of the quality holiday parks in NZ. With countless advantageously placed holiday parks throughout New Zealand you can anticipate a gracious Kiwi welcome on arrival. Select from an extensive range of Camper van and campsite accommodation as per your requirements and budget. Experience a thrilling and invigorating holiday with Campervan in picturesque New Zealand and discover uncharted terrain at your own pace.

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