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Discover Auckland on a Motorhome Hire NZ Holiday

Take a trip around the lively city of Auckland and discover its myriad attractions on your next Motorhome Hire NZ holiday. Visit the Central Business District CBD area, The Auckland Art Gallery, Sky Tower and the Viaduct Harbour.

The Sky Tower is indisputably the most illustrious landmark in Auckland. The Tower has four observation levels to view the scenic sights of this amazing city. Attempt the highest Bunjee Jump in New Zealand off the famous Sky Tower.

The Auckland Museum is a must-visit attraction on your holiday for the impressive collections, displays and fascinating shows. The War Memorial has a wonderful commemorative site along with interesting war history exhibits. The Auckland Art Gallery boasts of innumerable exhibits along with regular exhibitions.

Motorhome Hire NZ - Waitakere Ranges Regional Park

Image Source: newzealand.com

Look forward to amazing experiences when you travel around Auckland’s scenic waterfronts. You will never be bored in this enchanting city with lots of exciting things to see and do. For the ultimate thrills spend the day at a fascinating theme park and take a relaxed Motorhome Hire Auckland drive around places of interest.

Prepare to be astonished by the breathtaking spectacle of the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea along with impressive views from the pinnacle of quite a few volcanoes and the agreeable marine village of Devonport.

The vivacious Viaduct Harbour is a must-visit spot on the itinerary of attractions, where bars and restaurants line the scenic waterfront against a spectacular backdrop of sheltered waters. The Maritime Trail has a lined pathway which takes you around the beautiful harbour. As you traverse this path you will find captivating carvings & historical plaques displaying Auckland’s past maritime adventures.

After travelling around the scenic attractions why not attempt some adventure activities for the ultimate holiday thrills?

Get audacious in Auckland with a bit of abseiling or rappelling. These are stimulating ways to see the city’s spectacular scenery with options for any level. Experience the thrilling ocean-touch bungee jump from the famed Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Set off on an awesome day’s canyoning adventure in Auckland’s magnificent Waitakere Ranges. Explore the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park which is an exquisite fusion of pristine bush, flourishing native wildlife and rugged black sand surf beaches.

Last but not the least, take a leisurely walk around the great outdoors. Trekking or walking is a wonderful way to discover the natural exquisiteness of the region with countless trails and tracks.

Set off on a thrilling Motorhome Rentals NZ adventure holiday and get set for an enlivening drive with breathtaking scenery.

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