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Campervans NZ Hire: the best option to enjoy a trip to the Abel Tasman

With Campervan Hire you can visit lots of places in New Zealand. For the most fascinating excursion in NZ set out towards the Abel Tasman National Park. There are wonderful things to spot and do in this protected terrain. It is located at the pinnacle of New Zealand’s South Island. When you visit this park you will find golden sand beaches, globally famous tracks and granite cliffs. This park is the smallest National Park in New Zealand. Nevertheless it is around 22,500 hectares and located on the coastline with woodlands and impressive beach attractions.

New Zealand Camper Vans are the ideal option to explore this fascinating park. Hiking aficionados will love a trip to the coastal pathway. This road can be walked in 3-5 days however you can take longer if you wish to explore it, at leisure. On an unhurried exploration you will find wonderful wildlife in the bush including Tui and Bellbird.

With Campervan NZ you can amend your plans during your vacation if you wish. If you wish to stay on for a while longer in the park you can do so. It is undoubtedly a fascinating region and you might not wish to leave.

Mercedes Luxury (ADV 6BMER) - Automatic

Mercedes Luxury (ADV 6BMER) – Automatic

Apart from the natural beauty there are lots of things to see on this trip. This includes beautiful waters, dazzling beaches, trees and forests. Above all, you get the chance to interact with different kinds of people in the park who are also enjoying the natural splendor.

On your campervan holiday you must try to stopover at the limestone, granite and marble formations located at Anapai Bay. There are lots of great places to walk around and countless hiking trails in the park. As you walk around the park you will discover its various wonders. It is important to know all you can about the rules, regulations and the general layout of the park. You must be aware of the tide information so that you can reach and leave your selected location safely.

The beaches are ideal for sailing, boating or kayaking. For your enjoyment you can also rent some items at the park. Set out on a guided tour which is a great way to observe more and discover a lot of things. If you are an enthusiastic mountain biker there are some great tracks in the parks with different levels of difficulty where you will have a great time.

With Campervan in New Zealand you can explore a lot of fascinating and diverse places. It is better to research and plan your trip in advance to take in the places you wish to travel first. After that you can prepare a flexible itinerary connecting these places. Regardless of the places you visit and the season when you visit you will definitely not wish to leave this beautiful country.

Campervan UNT - Automatic

Campervan UNT – Automatic

Nevertheless, for the best outdoor adventures in New Zealand you must visit the Abel Tasman National Park. There are lots of things to see and do in this lovely place. Moreover, you will get an instant connection with nature as soon as you visit this place.

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