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Campervan rental NZ holiday: Explore the fascinating Lake Taupo & Central Plateau | Rent A Campervan Holidays Ltd - New Zealand
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Campervan rental NZ holiday: Explore the fascinating Lake Taupo & Central Plateau

It’s comparatively easy to arrange a Campervan Rental in New Zealand. You simply need a valid driving license which permits you to drive for a year along with proof of insurance. Driving the Campervan can take a little bit of getting used to as there are numerous single lane, zigzag and highways roads even if there is an unequalled highway system. Rest areas are plentiful and offer a wonderful chance to halt the vehicle and admire the spectacular scenery. Explore the enthralling Lake Taupo & Central Plateau region on your next New Zealand Campervan Rental Holiday.

Lake Taupo is located in New Zealand’s scenic North Island in the hub of the Central Plateau area. Lake Taupo is the biggest fresh water lake within Australasia. The water is so clean that it is the abode of innumerable trout. Taupo is sited towards the Northeast of the lake and the Tongariro National Park is located to the South. To experience a clean and green New Zealand on your Campervan NZ holiday along with a good measure of extreme sports head towards this stunningly scenic spot.

This is among the preferred destination for tourists worldwide. It is an exhilarating adventure sports playground and at the same time the lake provides top-notch fishing opportunities. The volcanic background of mud pools, snow capped mountains along with streams is simply spectacular. Set aside a little bit of time to explore the pastoral towns and zany thrills which are plentiful in this region. The rumbling Huka Falls is among this country’s most visited tourist attraction.

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Taupo is a grand base if you wish to travel around the area and take part in exciting activities.  Sky diving and Bungee jumping are popular pastimes here so escape your comfort zone and allow gravity to be your guide on this elating trip!

The city has its fair share of lakeshore cafes, backpacker bars as well as superlative restaurants. Tongariro National Park is NZ’s oldest National Park and is also a renowned World Heritage site comprising volcanic landscapes and ancient forests which are perfect for trekkers. The trails are wide-ranging and will take you through mountain peaks and lake shores.

For an ideal adventure holiday explore the colossal Mount Ruapehu which is an active volcano. This is the ideal way to find two of New Zealand’s leading ski areas namely Whakapapa and Turoa. The whole vicinity of the Tongariro National Park is well-known for its spectacular and creepy scenery which was flawlessly brought to the big screen as the mystic Middle-earth during The Lord of the Rings.

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The highland is among the most picturesque areas within the North Island and has a lot to offer avid travellers in summer as well as in winter. Enjoy exciting activities such as snowboarding, fishing, golf, kayaking, skiing, and tramping along with a trip to the thermal springs and the fantastic delis.
For an extraordinary vacation experience there isn’t a better option than New Zealand Campervans. Explore this fascinating region and you will surely wish to revisit in the near future.

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