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“Why Lake Rotoma is an ideal destination for a camper van hire holiday with your family”


Enjoy the splendour of a calm & clear lake located right on your doorstep, experience the enjoyment of a sunny day and savour large fresh trout cooked on a barbeque on your next camper van hire holiday around Lake Rotoma. This is the easternmost lake in a series of three lakes sited towards the northeast of Lake Rotorua within New Zealand’s North Island.

Lake Rotoma is among the cleanest lakes within the Rotorua region and is essentially a deep, open lake with crystal clear water. Lake Rotoma was formed due to a major volcanic eruption and is an idyllic breeding ground for the main types of trout in this region namely brown, rainbow and tiger trout.

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Lake Rotoma is the easternmost lake of a sequence of three lakes that comprises Lake Rotoehu and Lake Rotoiti. This spectacular lake is sited between Rotorua and Whakatane sited on the East Coast of New Zealand. Visit this splendid destination on your Hire Campervan holiday and anticipate the pristine, verdant loveliness of a fresh-water lake along with the sea-side thrill of Whakatane sited nearby. Whakatane is a splendid spot with numerous opportunities for excitement such as sea fishing, the gorgeous beaches, whale-watching, sea kayaking, swimming with dolphins and diving. Rotoma has a huge number of protected, white sand beaches that are ideal for rest and relaxation on your camper van hire holiday.

Rotoma’s dazzling water is superlative for swimming and in February every year on Waitangi Day this spectacular lake hosts the celebrated Kiwanis Lake Rotoma Swim. This event also includes the well-known New Zealand Open Water Championship races and is a popular event for swimmers.

Lake Rotoma’s Matahi Spit Reserve is a preferred spot in summer for its thrilling activities such as boating, windsurfing, waterskiing and jet skiing. The reserve’s wide-ranging wildlife area and the Matahi Lagoon lure countless families to Lake Rotoma which is why it is among the most family friendly lakes inside the Rotorua Lakes District expanse which is also famed for its geothermal activity. A trip to Lake Rotoma is incomplete without a dip in the Waitangi Soda Springs where you can simply relax and unwind in the hot water.

Happy Campers

Photo Courtesy – Happy Campers

Enjoy a sumptuous outdoor picnic with your family on your camper van rental holiday in Lake Rotoma. Collect the necessary picnic supplies from the Lake Rotoma Trading Post and head towards the spectacular Matahi Lagoon. Set out on a leisurely walk down the Bridle Track along the lake-edge via native bush in the direction of Whangaroa Bay. Savour an appetizing meal with your family prior to heading back towards Mangawhai Road, New Zealand.

Set out on a Cheap Motorhome Hire holiday to Rotoma and enjoy a memorable day trip with your family in this magnificent spot with its superb fishing & family-friendly boating opportunities, clean water, fantastic picnic areas and wide open expanse.

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