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Campervan Hire in Auckland: the best way to explore New Zealand

As I travelled around New Zealand’s global gateway I included a trip to Auckland with Campervan hire. Auckland is New Zealand’s industrial centre and is bordered by 48 inactive volcanoes. This includes the stunning Rangitoto Island in the middle of the harbour. There are a few places you must include in your itinerary when you explore Auckland on a Campervan holiday.

I was amazed when I viewed the thriving natural foliage in Auckland Botanic Gardens. This is the best place to discover the verdant plant life in New Zealand. Sip a refreshing drink and grab a bite at a nearby restaurant and prepare to be captivated by the scenic and thriving landscape. The gardens are open from morning to evening for visitors.

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Photo Courtesy – Dethleffs Motorhomes – Campervan Holiday

I anticipated a bit of adventure when I set out on a holiday with a Campervan in New Zealand. Auckland Bridge Bungee promises thrills galore as it is the first worldwide bridge for bungee jumping. It is sited directly beneath the Pier 2 Bridge so that you can benefit from the exhilarating experience of gravity. It is not dangerous and is quite advanced and has the most recent jumper retrieval system for the ease of participants. Besides, there are quite a few choices for bungee jumping, with the famed water touch.

I love multi-coloured butterflies which is why I enjoyed the stopover at Butterfly Creek on my NZ Campervan holiday. Auckland’s Butterfly Creek has over 700 butterflies along with reptiles, fish and birds. I was awestruck as I watched the salt water crocodiles and alligators here. This place is a must-visit tourist attraction especially for kids owing to the cockroaches, tarantulas along with wetapunga which is the largest bug in New Zealand. Enjoy your trip to Butterfly Creek without any apprehension as these insects are all under cover.

For unsurpassed marine life I enjoyed my trip to Goat Island. This is a great place for a holiday with family or friends. Goat Island Marine Reserve is a fantastic place and you can observe oceanic life and befriend plenty of mischievous fish. I enjoyed a bit of snorkelling and diving and for this, you can get the gear on hire together with diving lessons. On a glass bottom boat ride, I felt as if I was floating on water. This is an experience you must not miss out on.

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Photo Courtesy – Dethleffs Motorhomes – Campervan Hire

Last but not the least, Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World is an enlivening tourist attraction you must experience on your NZ Campervan trip. I enjoyed my trip to this spot which is a wonderland of snow, ice and undersea sights. Travel around the penguin colonies where these amazing birds have fun in snow and ice, whilst swimming below the ice cap. I followed a glass tunnel and met some big and impressive sharks along with other glorious sea creatures.

There are many things to enjoy with Campervan hire in amazing Auckland. There are lots of things to see and do on your NZ Campervan holiday. Set out on a ride with your friends or family and get ready for the journey of a lifetime.

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