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Campers Hire: Things you must know

If you are planning to take a campervan on hire for your next holiday, you will have the liberty to travel around at your own will without having to take the usual hassles of a journey like purchasing tickets, booking a hotel, renting a car for local sight-seeing and so on. Also, you can park anywhere on the road and anytime to relax, sleep, to eat or to get down and take pictures. In places like Sydney, Florida, California, Los Angeles and New Zealand, motorhome hire (and campers hire) is one of the most popular means of transport amongst travelers and locals too.

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Following is a list of a few things to consider and know before hiring a campervan:-

a) One of the first things to note is what size “berth” you wish to hire. Berth refers to the amount of sleeping space within the vehicle. The features and availability of berths in a campervan vary from model to model. There are different types of campervans like 2 Berth Campervans, 3 Berth Campervans, 4 Berth Campervans, 6 Berth Campervans and 4WD Campervans. The number of berths you need will depend on the number of people you are going to travel with. So, at first, know how many berth campervan is the best fit for your journey and accordingly finalize the size of campervan.

b) If there are kids in passengers, make sure their seats have 3-pont seat belts.

c) Search online: Undoubtedly, Internet is the best option to find most suitable motorhome rental service in any country. Most of the motor home rentals allow customers to book their choice of van along with additional facilities and amenities online through their website only. When you book online, you also save a considerable amount given to agent as a commission. But when you are booking online, you also have to be careful about a few things because there are a number of websites set up which only take payments and do not deliver what is promised by them. It is hence very important to know the dealer well.

  • Check out their address on Google
  • Try and deal with the end supplier and avoid a third party booking website
  • Ask relevant questions like how many motor homes they have, how old is the vehicle that you are renting, is your motor home properly equipped or not, what their collection facilities are and also if you can go and have a look around.

d) Check availability and book in advance (at least 2 months before to avoid taking a risk).

e) More days will mean more discount

f) Spend as much time as you can, surfing over the internet and do enough research on the best camper hire deals. Visit different motorhome websites, compare their rates, make sure there are no hidden charges, and then make the payment.

g) Prepare your travel map in advance in order to have a concrete plan and arrangements ready in time.

h) Other important things to consider before hiring include:

  • Visas, Customs and Quarantine
  • Weather
  • Road Rules and Licenses

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