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Camper Van Rental – Are popup Roofed Camper Vans Available

Yes, pop up roofed campervans are available at RentACampervan Holidays Ltd, New Zealand which can be installed at very little effort. It is an unparalleled mode of transport while you are visiting New Zealand. Travellers’ find it hard time to choose a pop-up camper. So our company takes extra effort to provide the best deals and choose from wide ranges of personalized pop-up camper vans.

The company makes sure that the materials supplied are the finest .They are checked under strict quality control that can face harsh weather conditions too. Each tent has provided a guarantee also.

Nothing is better than hitting the open road and have an adventure that can take you anywhere with the comfort of the house. The home on wheels is really functional and is bug free. One will be surprised to see the extra amount of storage.

The Basic Features

Basically, a pop-up camper is a tent trailer that can be collapsed for easy storage and transport. Once opened it gives a lot of interior space. The prices provided by the company are also affordable. Vinyl sheets are used for the walls, or canvas. It also provides windows with screens. The basic features are a fresh water tank, folding tabletop where you can dine or use as a seating arrangement. Two sleeping bunks with in-built storage cabinets are also given. With a higher price range one can see the refrigerator, stove, air conditioner, and water heater, so on. If the customer chooses a premium model, the company provides a shower, toilet microwave and oven too.

Star RV Campervan Hire

Photo Courtesy – Star RV Campervan Hire

Since the pop-up campers are space constraints, the couch used inside can be converted into a bed. The dining table can be altered as a sleeping space. The gas stove can be carried outside and you can enjoy open cooking!

Customer support is given to the customers by the company to set up the pop-up above the trailers. Extra fittings may be provided if required. But one must remember that setting up takes extra time than a Motor home. Checking of the materials is done properly so that there are no customer complaints regarding any holes for the rain water to enter. The zippers of the tent are thoroughly checked and guaranteed. Canvas tents are hardier. UV protectors are use of the tent materials. Sometimes on request of the customers, the company installs rubber roofs too. Strict maintenance is provided with all sorts of materials.

The Eco friendly ways make life easier for the occupants. The pop-up campers help the occupants have fun and enjoy the charming beauty of New Zealand. After a long day of adventure of hiking, river rafting one can relax into their comfortable insulated bed. At the same time one can enjoy the rustling of the trees, soft windy breeze while you sleep under the nature’s symphony. A good sweet vacation can be made enjoyable by just buying or renting out the pop-up camper vans. So go on and buy your campervan now.

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