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An Unforgettable Holiday with Campervan Hire in New Zealand’s North Island

Hire a Campervan and discover the scenic loveliness of New Zealand’s North Island. With Campervan Hire in Auckland you can explore these picturesque destinations at your own pace.

Hire a Campervan in New Zealand and explore Tokoroa. Forestry is the vital essence of this pulp and paper mill city. As you move out of town you will find extensive stretches of pine forests. Hunting is a preferred pastime and permits must be acquired to shoot goats, possums, deer, rabbits and pigs. The mighty peak of Putauaki or Mt Edgecumbe is positioned close by and beckons skilled hikers.

In Tokoroa the major tribute to tourism is a track of Talking Poles. This refers to a chain of painted and carved poles which signify the dissimilar cultures and nationalities of its inhabitants. Hire a Campervan in Auckland and travel around the fascinating township of Tokoroa.

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Another must visit destination with Campervan Hire Auckland is Turangi. There are never-ending opportunities to enjoy trout fishing in this expanse of the North Island. Attempt angling for the brown and rainbow trout that flourishes here. Enthusiastic anglers can trail rainbows and trophy browns with dry flies all through the summer months.

On a Campervan Holiday there are plentiful opportunities for enjoyment in this region. Kayakers and White water rafters can benefit from the crystal-clear waters of the Tongariro River. Enter the grade-three rapids and glimpse the awe-inspiring gorges via Tongariro River Rafting. Exult in activities such as picturesque floats and White-water kayaking.

Turangi has a multitude of other tourist attractions such as picturesque flights, mini golf, beer tasting at the reputed Club Habitat’s micro-brewery, mountain biking, hiking and Vertical Assault `s challenging indoor climbing wall. Visit the Tokaanu Thermal Pools which is a fantastic tourist attraction with several big private pools and a huge public pool. For added enjoyment stopover at the walkway that takes you all the way through a thermal region inside native bush. The best way to visit Turangi is to opt for Campervan Hire in Auckland.

Taranaki is positioned on the North Island’s rocky west coastline and is dominated by the mighty Mt Taranaki. This is an ideal region for a holiday with Hire Campervan. You will be enthralled by the divergent background and exciting outdoor activities. Glimpse the scenic gardens and take part in snowboarding and surfing adventures. You will reach this region after a 4-5 hour drive via Campervan Hire Auckland or Wellington.

Campervan Hire

Photo Courtesy – Dethleffs Motorhomes – Campervan Hire

Mt Taranaki is omnipresent in this beautiful area. It is essentially a vast, spectacular volcanic cone with a snow-white peak. Mt Egmont covers the mountain and the breathtaking terrain around it.

Mt Taranaki is a spiritually significant landmark for Maoris and famous Maori pa or fortified villages scattered all through Taranaki tell fascinating stories of the culture and history of this region.

If you wish to travel around this region by Campervan the adjacent Campervan Hiredepots are in Wellington or Auckland.

Enjoy a fascinating trip with Campervan Hire and explore New Zealand’s North Island. There are never-ending opportunities for enjoyment with Campervan Hire in Auckland.

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