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An Incredible Innovation: A Gem Of A GEM Pacific Horizon Motorhomes | Rent A Campervan Holidays Ltd - New Zealand
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An Incredible Innovation: A Gem Of A Motorhome

The GEM is an amazing innovation and it is the newest Motorhome, by the Pacific Horizon which was launched recently. There are certain specifications of this excellent Motorhome which can accommodate up to 4 people, as you go on a trip, within New Zealand.

GEM - Pacific Horizon

GEM – Pacific Horizon

GEM has dual living areas to ensure added flexibility. There is a huge sun hatch which permits light to infiltrate the motorhome, and this emphasizes the space as well as generates a common well-ventilated sensation. This is amid the distinctive New Zealand Campervans due to the understated curves as well as the prominent finish which augments the style quotient, and imparts a distinctive look to this stylish motorhome.

The GEM is a unique Campervan for Rent, and it has all the provisions to ensure that your journey is a pleasurable one. The GEM has a 240 volt mains supply, a Microwave which is 240v, an Interior shower plus restroom along with electric flush as well as a 3 way freezer 12v/240v/gas. For your amusement, there is a CD player, an LED DVD Player plus Digital TV. There is also a tiny security safe, which can be used to store passports and so forth.

The GEM has excellent Seating arrangements. All the 4 passengers can be seated in front, so that you can face frontward and for your security, there are complete lap or else slanting seatbelts. This ensures that you can derive optimum enjoyment, as you view the breathtaking scenery of New Zealand, in your Campervan Hire.

GEM - Pacific Horizon Motorhome

GEM – Pacific Horizon Motorhome

The seats are entirely forward facing and there are complete lap or else oblique seat belts. There are 2 tether points, which are intended for baby seats. It is fully Air Conditioned, just for the Cab. There are additional air bags, for the Driver in addition to the front passenger.

GEM ensures added flexibility as compared with additional motorhomes, thus it proffers additional choice to its vacationers. There are dual options for a single bed, which is why you can opt for the arrangement which is ideal for your requirement. The beds are all resting on the ground floor, which is why climbing is unnecessary. This excellent Campervan Hire NZ ensures that every person can benefit from a good night’s sleep as there is ample room if you wish to stretch out.

The GEM ensures effortless driving as it functions on Automatic transmission, which guarantees extra comfort and control, as you drive along the meandering roads, within New Zealand. Additional versatility is ensured via the GEM Motorhome journey. For couples who are journeying together, or for people who are taking a trip with their children or else infants, GEM is the ideal option.

In sync with the standard Pacific Horizon Motorhomes, the interior has been aptly structured so as to give you additional room, devoid of making the motorhome too extended to drive.

The GEM is at the moment refined and geared up, and it is totally spotless and luminous, in anticipation of clients to determine its luminosity.

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