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An exciting West Coast Holiday with campervan New Zealand

The West Coast is essentially the narrow piece of land amid the Southern Alps and the South Island’s Tasman Sea. It is a spectacular expanse against the background of the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers, mighty mountain peaks, lakes and rivers, limestone landscapes, thriving rainforest and a splendid coastline. Discover this famous division of New Zealand with a Campervan rental.

The West Coast encloses the biggest expanse of protected terrain in New Zealand and provides easy admittance to New Zealand’s leading national parks. The varied landscape makes the West Coast an enthralling adventure destination for adrenaline enthusiasts with exciting activities such as skydiving, heli-hiking on glaciers and rafting. Enjoy the thrills of stimulating adventure activities on your Campervan Rental New Zealand Holiday.

Charleston is a small township that was formerly the location of one of the best gold rushes in the West Coast’s past. Over 14,000 people lived in this township during its pinnacle from 1866 till 1870.

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Awatuna is the abode of a small populace of West Coast folks. The Awatuna Homestead is a popular Bed & Breakfast in this region. Planned activities are uncommon in this region. For an inimitable taste of the West Coast lifestyle head towards the Awatuna River.

Punakaiki is a settlement with a never-ending holiday ambience. Nikau palms cling tenaciously to covered rock escarpments and add an inimitable tropical allure. To visit this spot you must opt for a Campervan rental in Christchurch or Queenstown.

Haast is a small settlement in the heart of a varied expanse well-known for its spectacular shoreline. Visit this expanse with New Zealand Campervan Rental and you will be charmed by the rugged cliffs, extensive beaches and unusual rock formations. Haast’s natural and secluded landscape remained comparatively undisturbed until the year 1965 when the settlement was eventually linked by road to the remaining West Coast.

Haast is a fascinating region to explore due to the amazing jet boat safaris such as the Haast River Safari and Waitatoto River Jet. The Haast River Safari provides a calm sail beneath the Haast River Bridge which is the longest one-lane viaduct in New Zealand after which you can travel into the Haast River Valley.

The Waitatoto River Jet is a rousing expedition of spins and genuine white-water thrill which commences at the opening of the Waitatoto River. Both trips draw attention to the places of interest along the route. To visit this enchanting spot you must avail Campervan rental in Queenstown or Christchurch.

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The countryside adjoining Reefton is filled with old miners’ tracks leading all the way through beech forest to historic sites in Victoria Forest Park. Popular walks consist of the Mt Haast peak climb and the trek towards Lake Stream. Tramping, four wheel driving, hunting, fishing and mountain biking are exciting activities you can enjoy in this expanse. To visit this region you must avail Campervans in Christchurch or Queenstown, New Zealand.

Set out on an exhilarating West Coast getaway with New Zealand Campervan rental. Discover unexplored territory and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime in this breathtaking country.

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