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A Wonderful New Zealand campervan rental holiday in Auckland

Visit Amazing Auckland on your next New Zealand Campervan Rental holiday and explore the bustling city in an unhurried way. Travel around this vibrant city and discover its numerous attractions such as the art gallery, Viaduct Harbour, the Sky Tower and the fascinating museum on your next New Zealand Motorhomes Holidays.

The most illustrious landmark in Auckland is undoubtedly the Sky Tower. Countless holidaymakers visit this beautiful tower each year. The Tower has three surveillance levels so that tourists can easily glimpse the amazing sights within the city. You must visit the delightful Sky Lounge café which is situated on the lower level. The Sky Jump is in effect cable controlled Base Jumping whilst attached to a wire. The look-out tower resembles a flying saucer due to the multi-coloured lights.

The Auckland Museum was built in the year 1929 to honour the end of World War 1. It is a must-visit attraction on your Camper Van Hire New Zealand holiday. You will be fascinated by the numerous shows, collections and exhibits at this intriguing Museum and the galleries are crammed with works of art and ethnology. There are lots of enjoyable activities for your kids to take part in as well. The War Memorial is on the top floor and has fascinating war history displays along with a commemorative site. You can also acquire musical memorabilia, books or jewellery as a memento on your Motorhome Holiday.

Rent Campervan New Zealand

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You will be equally charmed when you glimpse the countless exhibits within the Auckland Art Gallery on your Campervan Hire Auckland holiday. These exhibits include both international and regional pieces of art.

When you travel around the Auckland Viaduct Harbour you will find several shops and amiable restaurants next to the water. The Maritime Trail has a flawlessly paved path that goes around the harbour. Journey along this path and you will glimpse delightful carvings and historical plaques that showcase the history of Auckland’s thrilling adventures on the sea. Enjoy the acts, plays and outdoor songs with your family and remember to visit the outdoor movie theatre.

Rent Campervan New Zealand

Photo Courtesy – Dethleffs Camper – Rent Campervan New Zealand

Enjoy a memorable Camper Van Hire Holiday in Auckland, New Zealand. You will definitely have a wonderful time travelling around this busy city. The art galleries, Sky Tower, museums, Viaduct Harbour and towers are must-visit spots on your Campervan hire Auckland holiday.

Auckland is renowned as the City of Sails and is a glorious city brimming with culture, first-rate amenities and gorgeous harbours. Leisurely browse the shops and savour an appetizing meal at any of the superlative restaurants. Auckland has quite a few shops that offer exceptional goods so you will have an enjoyable time shopping on your New Zealand holiday. As you walk down the city streets you will come across numerous designers displaying their latest designs. Acquire New Zealand wool collected from the local sheep or collect a Made in New Zealand keepsake on your Campervan NZ Motorhome holiday. Enjoy your vacation!

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