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A Travel Guide to explore Whangamata on your New Zealand holiday | Rent A Campervan Holidays Ltd - New Zealand
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A Travel Guide to explore Whangamata on your New Zealand holiday

For an amazing New Zealand holiday set out towards Whangamata. This is an exciting holiday spot. Whangamata is among the famous beach resorts inside New Zealand. During the summer, countless tourists flock to this region to enjoy its wonders. There are many reasons why Whangamata must be included in NZ’s must-visit spots. It is a preferred tourist destination due to the sand, surf, sea and limitless opportunities for enjoyment.

Campervan hire is the best option to explore this exciting region. I started my journey with the famed Ocean Beach. This shoreline runs from Whangamata’s waterfront to the Otahu Estuary at the southern part of the town.

Here, you will find a pristine white sand beach for safe swimming. This beach also offers some of the finest surf breaks. The Whangamata Bar located at the northern part of the beach offers some fantastic surfing opportunities. It is famous for its long peeling breaks within the north easterly swells.

Motorhome (PHZ Special) - Automatic  Model

Motorhome (PHZ Special) – Automatic Model

To meet some of the finest surfers worldwide, you must visit this spot. Check out their exploits at the numerous worldwide surfing events on Ocean Beach.

In March each year, the famed Whangamata Beach Hop is held at Whangamata. The whole town joins in the revelry and sways to rock n roll. Here you will also find classic cars of the 50s and 60s. This is among the famous summer events in the Coromandel and you must go to this event for the live bands, family events and the classic car swap.

For something more relaxing, stopover at Whangamata’s shallow calm estuary and the peaceful harbors. Here you’ll discover a protected seaside playground perfect for waterskiing, fishing, swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, diving and the standard Coromandel outdoor activities.

With campervan hire in New Zealand there are limitless possibilities. Attempt fishing with a fishing charter company in Whangamata. I had a wonderful time during my fishing trip as I learnt how to bait the hook, how to fish and how I should clean and prepare my catch. I enjoyed a wonderful barbeque after returning to shore.

In NZ, Mountain biking is a popular sport. Whangamata has first-rate trails for effortless riding all through the year. The Forestry has a wide network of single tracks and trails as does the close by areas of Ohui and Opoutere.

When you travel around Whangamata with campervan New Zealand you will find many talented local painters, artisans and craftspeople. You will also find various clubs, ideal for varied art forms like clothing, jewelry, pottery, painting, spinning, weaving, sculpture and felting.

Campervan (ALP)

Campervan (ALP)

You must visit the exceptional cafes and restaurants in Whangamata on your New Zealand holiday. The coffee at Vibes Café is simply amazing Whanga Bar is also a good choice. Whangamata has lots of fish and chip shops which serve this classic NZ takeaway.

There are lots of things to enjoy on your New Zealand holiday with campervan hire. Leisurely stroll along the walking tracks, visit the golf courses and the tennis and squash courts. There is never a boring moment in Whangamata which is why it is such a popular holiday spot.

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