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A breathtaking Coromandel Road journey with Campervan New Zealand | Rent A Campervan Holidays Ltd - New Zealand
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A breathtaking Coromandel Road journey with Campervan New Zealand

About 2 hours to the south of Auckland above the Kopu Bridge you will find a stunning Peninsula which is famous amongst Kiwi travellers. The Coromandel Peninsula is a recreational area for campers owing to its sheltered coves, natural beaches, far-reaching stretches of wilderness, welcoming little towns and a serene ambience. People who live here as well as the people visiting this idyllic destination feel as if they are on holiday for eternity. Hire a Campervan and visit this idyllic spot in New Zealand.

This region is usually referred to as The Coromandel and it is the abode of several treasures. Discover these concealed gems with Campervan New Zealand.

Whangamata is positioned at the bottom of this Peninsula and is essentially a beach town that is increasingly becoming one of the most trendy beach resorts in NZ. If you are searching for a party city set out towards Whangamata.

Visit the twin towns of Pauanui and Tairua located further up the eastern coast of the Peninsula on each side of Tairua Harbour. These towns are ideal for families with kids owing to its numerous attractions such as a volcanic peak to ascend at the entry to the harbour and secluded beaches within the harbour.

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As you move further up the coastline with your Hire Campervan you will arrive at Mercury Bay and its surroundings. You can enjoy an extensive and fascinating Campervan Holiday around Cook’s Beach, Hahei and Whitianga. Hahei has a gorgeous white beach and you can reach this spot after a short drive from Hot Water Beach. This is a surf beach well-known for the hot water springs that effervesce via the sand at low tide. Get a spade or hire one at the shop and dig an amazing private spa!

Cathedral Cove is another fantastic spot for a Campervan Hire Holiday. Located near Hahei you can reach this scenic destination after a 45 minute stroll from the picturesque lookout. Cathedral Cove is an absolutely spectacular cove with a stone arch which is cathedral-like in its outline. This is among New Zealand’s most attractive coastlines and is the famous spot where Prince Caspian the Narnia movie was filmed.

Inside Mercury Bay you will find the towns of Whitianga and Cooks Beach. These towns preserve New Zealand’s summer ritual of idyllic holidays with friends or family at the pristine beach with amazing BBQs. Cooks offers an extensive expanse of beach and relaxed town ambience. With Campervan Hire New Zealand you must visit the Purangi River positioned at the eastern end of the seashore and glimpse the fascinating wineries in the region. You will reach Whitianga following a 30-min drive with your Campervan from Cooks which is a bigger city. Here you will also find opportunities for good fishing and swimming off Buffalo Beach. These towns have campsites too.

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Photo Courtesy – Dethleffs Motorhomes – Campervan Hire Holiday

Avail Campervan in New Zealand and set out on a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday away from the tediousness of everyday life. Embark on a splendid Coromandel Road journey with Campervan New Zealand and you will have fond memories of this trip for eternity.

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